LINK to tofu's hyperwrt 10 firmware...please

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by chilli4u, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. chilli4u

    chilli4u Network Guru Member

    I am totally desperate...

    Can someone write me the link to tofu's hyperwrt 10 fw I couldn't find it anywere... PLEASE.

    I need it for my WRT54GL....

    I bricked it already and recovered it back 1 hour ago...

    Please... send me the link..
  2. bdm_module

    bdm_module Network Guru Member

    Look at the Tofu 11 post, you wil find under download the link.
  3. fracturex

    fracturex Network Guru Member

    I hope he is still alive ;)
  4. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

    i noticed the 10 is crossed out on tofu's page, and when i upload the firmware it gives me a message that there is no data. its 3.1mb on my hdd though.
  5. MarkInDavis

    MarkInDavis Network Guru Member

    I got this once or twice when I used firefox to update. Try IE or better yet use tftp.
  6. polakatl

    polakatl Network Guru Member

    yeah i was using firefox and then ie worked fine.

    How do you use ftp for firmware?
  7. MarkInDavis

    MarkInDavis Network Guru Member

    Not ftp - tftp. You can download tftp.exe from here:

    Run it put in your router ip address (usually for server; your router password; point to your firmware and hit upgrade. It's a useful utility to have around if you brick your router. You can run this immediately after power cycling a bricked router and usually you can recover the router.
  8. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Proper punctuation makes for an improper link. ;)

    Thanks for the link, though. Downloaded and filed, just in case...
  9. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Thanks guys!! I needed that file! One of my WRT54G requires about an hour's worth of the reset button after playing with DD-WRT. So, this utility will really save me some time. ;)
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