Linksys 2.02.08 beta Reduced Wireless quality (CONFIRMED !)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by marcelol, Jul 25, 2004.

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    I tried out moving to Linksys's 2.02.8 release ( I got mixed results running Satori...i.e. router resetting itself ), and now I've noticed that the router has ABYSMAL ( shouldn't there be two S's ? ) reception from one of my wireless machines.

    Whereas 2.02 was noise in the upper 80's, signal in the low 60''s now noise in the lower 90's, but signal is in the mid 70's ..OUCH !

    Has anyone else noticed that there is reduced XMIT power in the 2.02.08 bios from Linksys ??

    Can anyone confirm this ?

    Ok, I can now confirm that if you upgrade from either Satori or 2.02.7 to the 2.02.8 can you pretty much kiss your wireless signal quality ADIOS, ARRIVEDERCI, SAYONARA, SO LONG, GOODBYE !

    While I had -50 dB with 2.02.7 ( about -45 with Satori cranked up to 84mW ) , I could get NO MORE than -75 ( most of the time -80 ) dB in signal quality from my laptop, that is no more than 6 feet away across straight through a cinder wall.

    I also borrowed my old V1 WRT54G I'd given to a friend when I'd moved...and sure enough, they've yanked our collective Wankers, mates ! the V1 has a signal strength of ( are you ready for this ) -28 dB going through that same wall. What do you think of THEM apples.. would seem that Linksys has been pulling some shennanigans with their wireless driver in the firmware, because after a while of letting each run ( and then stacking both of those against a fresh store bought unit running 2.02.7 ) a noticeable difference emerged. After taking my original v2 WRT and flashing it back to 2.02.7 ( with Linksys's firmware upgrade utility ), I compared signal quality between it and the fresh one from the store. Sure enough, signal quality between the two of them was near identical.

    So there you have it, a pseudo-technical, user-impression oriented review of 2.02.7 and 2.02.8 beta. Stick with 2.02.7 if you're going to choose between one and the other.

    I'm still keeping my eye on SCEASOFT, and waiting to hear more feedback about Alchemy.
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