Linksys 802.11G setup connected to WAP but no Internet

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by VTX, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. VTX

    VTX Network Guru Member

    Linksys WRT54G / Wireless-G PCI problems

    First senario,
    I setup the Linksys WRT54G and installed the Wireless-G PCI Adapter on a WinXP Pro with SP1. I used a WEP key and connected, everything went smooth. Internet and everything was working.

    Second Senario,
    Recently formatted, I now have WinXP Pro SP2. I have the same router settings and I go to install the Wireless-G PCI Adapter drivers/wifi util. Everything installs fine, wifi nic is recognized etc. I disable windows from controlling the wifi connections so I can use linksys's util (as I did in senario 1). This time it connects to the access point but says. "Connected to access point but no internet connection". So I can see the router, I have a DHCP address X.X.X.101 . But it wont connect to the interenet. So I tried upgrading the firmware on the router (to 2.04.4), didnt help. Same error. Looked for updated wifi nic driver (there are none, stock ones are the latest). I tried diabling WinXP's built in firewall, still doesnt get internet. I don't understand what is wrong. I can see the router but the router doesnt have an internet connection? The icing on the cake is there is a computer "wired" into the router via cat5 and it can access the net just fine. So the router see's the cable modem. I have search google and seen other people with the same issue but no resolutions were posted. I think it has to do something with XP SP2 but I dunno.

    Have any idea?
  2. VTX

    VTX Network Guru Member

    Turns out it was the utility used to communicate with the WAP. Linksys's Wireless-G PCI util only seems to work on Pre XP-SP2 environments. So what I did was use Windows built in communication software. The only down fall of that was I had to manully input the WEP key (ewwww). The linksys had a nice phrase generator for that. Oh well, at least it works now.

    Problem resolved.
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