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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Stille, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Stille

    Stille LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I just bought a Linksys WRVS4400N on recommendation of a friend who said Linksys(cisco) have great products.

    The setup was a breze and I created a LAN-LAN VPN tunnel to my friends cisco asa 5505. My "hope" was to be able to stream movies to my xbox using the vpn.

    The throughput is completely horrible. Single thread it's at best 1,5 mbit/s. If I connect using standard FTP outside the VPN I get 18 mbit/s. How is it possible that the VPN tunnel is that much slower?? This is supposed to be a "corporate" product? Who in their right mind would buy this for their company with a VPN standpoint? WTF.. thats less than 10% of the possible bandwidth.

    It was delivered with firmware 1.00.16 and I only found 1.03. (And that was using this forum and NOT the linksys crap homepage.) Apparently there is an even later firmware but I was unable to find it anywhere. :thumbdown:

    The firmware upgrade did NOT help in any way.

    I'm still hoping that I have made a config error somewhere (which I doubt).

    Anyone else with this issue or maybe some insight?

    (PS: Just to test I used a software based VPN solution and with that I had no performance issue what so ever. I got 14 mbit/s with minimal CPU load.)

    Please help!

    Kind regards

  2. bgriggs75

    bgriggs75 LI Guru Member

    Good luck

    That router is complete garbage. I've had two of them (the first one was an RMA) and neither one would do even basic functions like ... well, wireless. They should rename the product RS4400, because it doesn't do the W, V or N for me.

    Read the reviews on For whatever reason, nobody has figured out how to design a decent home VPN solution. If you want reliability, stick with the Cisco brand as Linksys is definitely not ready for business-class yet.
  3. Stille

    Stille LI Guru Member

    *Sigh* Not quite the answer I wanted to hear! :angry:

    Thanks for your response bgriggs75. I somehow had the feeling that it was crappy but I had no problems with the wireless.

    I tested VPN with a Cisco product instead and the throughput was around 15mbit/s. So a minimal loss of bandwidth only.

    I bought Linksys because I figured that if Cisco owns the company then they would probably have good/decent product. Oh boy, was I wrong. :eek:

    Linksys should be ashamed to release a product that they themselves claim to be "corporate" but can't even have decent VPN performance. (I would be happy with like 10-12 mbit/s)

    I just ordered a Cisco and this craptastic router is getting sent back today! PoS

    Have a good one!

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