linksys befw1124 router and radius is it possible?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Due to money saving reasons and just because I would like to try and do it please read and comment on the following scenario:
    I want to gain access to my college's wireless (radius protected network) from my apartment about 1 mile away. I found a good high gain antenna and n to reverse tnc connector. I currently have a befw1124 router.
    questions as follows:
    #1. radius operates its authentication mechanisms at layer to correct?
    #2. Is there a firmware that could turn the befw1124 into a bridge?
    #3. If no to #2 what linksys bridge do you reccomend (must have the reverse tnc connector on it as I already got the $25 reverse tnc to n pigtail cable).
    #4. If I got the network working, any tips on how to further optimize signal strength, network performance?
    #5. Im looking at a 14dbi dish type antenna for around $40 bucks, would a bought at garage sale satellite antenna work just as good?
    #6. I am guessing that each client would need the required cisco/radius (leap) capable 802.11X type of card. For the few devices I have I was thinking of getting some cheap cisco 350 type pcmcia cards off of ebay. Are there better cards that do radius + have the ability to add external antennas out there?
    #7. misc, I got an rg 58 extension cable, (premium kind from radio shack) any idea as to the loss for about 20 feet of it? If I got a bridge I would still need a router would radius somehow view the router as an unauthenticated device? If so I guess I might need a radius capable wireless router? any suggestions?
    Please help me. I am eager to learn here and try to finish my project with a meager budget.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    p.s. this network is using all cisco equipment, so it is (as far as i know) a cisco leap network. I am assuming that means anything I used must at least be cisco leap compatable (even if its not mfg. by cisco).
  3. davioh

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    the above is me

    I just activated my account, hopefully this will be a spam free flame free forum experience. Right now I don't have internet access so I am asking this from a library.
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