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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thevj, Mar 11, 2006.

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    I spoke with a linksys marketing manager at Cebit. He noted that linksys has over 20 products running GPL/linux code. He pointed to their NAS product and some other routers.

    Besides all the wrt54g's, which other linksys products are known to run GPL/linux code? And which of these products allow one to actually install one's own 'firmware' distribution?

    From Mani Dhillon's statements I understood that about 10% of the worldwide sales of wrt54g's consist of linux versions (i.e. wrt54gl). The marketing manager at the linksys stand noted that in Germany the proportion is about 50%-50%. Apparently the amount of specialsed wireless projects in Germany generate a higher proportion of non-vxworks wrt54g(l) sales.

    Then I was curious to know whether the sentiment at linksys was to continue models such as the wrt54gl. I didn't get any direct answer but the marketing manager did note that linksys appreciated the large linksys community that has evolved up until now. He seemed to indicate that they would continue these models as long as there is a demand for them. No indication that linksys would cease production of these models becaue of their modifiability, in fact, the sentiment was that if you want a limited model that covers your basic wireless needs, then choose the 5.0 version. If on the other hand you know what you're doing, then choose the wrt54gl model.

    It's interesting marketing. Selling two different models of which one is highly modifiable while absolutely not being promoted as modifiable.

    They've got two stands at Cebit, I only visited the stand in hall 15.
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