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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by AaronCW, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. AaronCW

    AaronCW Network Guru Member

    Greatings! Wonderful forum you have here!

    Well after a year of unreliable network/Internet access do to a jumbled mess of wires and network devices, I finally found time to redo the network last week. I narrowed it all down to three Linksys devices and I am very happy with the results, but I have one minor problem that has been urking me all week. Here is my setup...

    Internal PC's > Linksys 16-Port Workgroup Switch (EZXS16W) > Linksys Cable/DSL Router (BEFSR11) > Linksys Cable Modem (BEFCMU10) > Internet

    Everyone can access the Internet fine, but some of the PC's on the internal network are not pingable. Our IP addresses range from to I can ping the router (, and I can ping our Network Storage Device ( and I can ping some of the computers on the network like which is one of our Engineers. But other computers are not pingable, yet I see them on the network because the Router has assigned them a DHCP IP Address.

    So to recap:
    Everyone can ping and access the Router
    Everyone can ping and access our NAS (Network Attached Storage)
    Everyone can access the Internet
    Not all the computers are pingable
    I cannot ping myself from my own computer

    Any ideas are very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. alicextreme

    alicextreme Guest

    networking issue

    the reasom for your issue taht u are not able to ping a few computer o your network is due to the blocking of ICMP packets....basicly ,there must be some FIREWALL progra on either of the systems ,make sure you disable the FIREWALL or perhaps sometimes SPYWARE or ZONE ALARM programs.....also ensure that if incase u have SERVICE PACKE 2 for WINDOWS ,disable the inbultl firewall & then try restarting your computer & then try pingin.. ...usuallly this is an issue with thirdparty firewalls such as NORTON INTERNET SECURITY ,MC CAFEE ETC.......also try disabling the BLOCK ANONYMOUS WAN REQUEST IN THE ROUTERS SECURITY SETTINGS
  3. AaronCW

    AaronCW Network Guru Member

    Re: networking issue

    Duh, I should of thought of that! Thank you for your help, that solved it. I disabled Norton Firewall and was able to ping myself no problem. I bet it will be the same with all the computers... Now I just need to find the setting in Norton that will allow pinging while the security is still enabled.


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