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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smbelow, Feb 1, 2008.

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    Greetings Community,
    Here is a simple question for someone. I have a RVS4000 with firmware 1.1.11 and am wandering if anyone can help me decipher the logs please. Every so often my router will hang for whatever reason I don’t know; however, I am unable to access the outside world, and unable to log on to the router. I am always forced to unplug and re-plug the router back in to get it to respond. Since then I have installed WallWatcher and am trying to understand the logs and what they mean. For example this is the messages that appear when the router hangs:

    <6>no response to 3 echo-requests			
    <5>serial link appears to be disconnected.			
    <4>couldn't increase mtu to 1500.			
    <3>couldn't increase mru to 1500			
    <6>lcp down.			
    <2>ipsec event: klips device ipsec0 shut down.			
    <5>connection terminated.			
    <6>connect time 20030632.4 minutes.			
    <6>sent 5374317 bytes, received 171943432 bytes.			
    <4>doing disconnect			
    <6>initialize lcp.			
    <6>plugin pppoe loaded.			
    <6>pppoe plugin initialized			
    <6>plugin pppoe called.			
    <5>pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0			
    <6>sending padi			
    <6>connecting pppoe socket: 00:00:00:00:00:00 0000  0x42238			
    <3>couldn't get channel number: transport endpoint is not connected			
    <4>doing disconnect			
    And for the person that can offer another two cents or buck fifty, can you give a brief insight on these messages? I know it has nothing to do with the router but still want to know about the messages anyways.

    2008/02/01 01:37:56.66 O tcp 80 1092
    2008/02/01 01:42:57.64 O tcp 80 1093
    2008/02/01 01:47:39.63 I tcp 35826 80
    2008/02/01 01:47:42.59 I tcp 35826 80
    I understand that two are outbound and two are inbound but what do they actually say? Is my computer sending something on port 1092 and 1093 to this address or what? And on the inbound is on a large numbered port trying to get in on my web port? Please any knowledge extremely helpful and appreciated. I am trying to put together a better defense but sometimes find it hard to read the play book (football analogy).

    Thanks Steve

    PS. Sorry about the over winded request.
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