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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Sneezie, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    Sitting in front of me I have at my disposal:

    WUSB54G (could be returned, still in box)
    Laptop's Mini PCI Module Wireless Card (obviously inside the laptop)

    Computer wise I have:

    Scenario: I already have
    Cable Modem--> WRT54Gs ***WIRELESS***--> Laptop
    Cable Modem--> WRT54Gs **Wired** --> Desktop
    Cable Modem--> WRT54Gs **Wired** --> Xbox

    What I'm looking to do is get everything on wireless, what do i need to buy? Becuase right now I feel as thought I made a mistake of getting the WAP54G, thinking it could birdge with my WRT54G and xbox :(

    -Thank you
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Have you tried it? Assuming that you can connect a device to the WAP's wired port while in repeater mode (which while I have never tested it, I expect you would be able to do so) then that should get you up an running.

    Despite the fact that the WAP's user manual only mentions the WRT54G for repeater mode connections, you should be able to substitute the WRT54GS. (If you can't get the WAP to connect to the GS with the latest Linksys firmware then installing some custom firmware (such as DD-WRT) on your GS should definitely allow you to get connected after you enable "lazy WDS". (You may even be able to use some of the other modes on the WAP as well.)

    Since you already have the WAP I'd suggest you play with it and see what happens. You should be able to get the MAC address of your GS (which you need to enter into the WAP) by looking at your laptop's connection to the GS.

    If you can't get the GS -> WAP combo working then exchange the WAP for a WRT54G (You could also get another GS but there's no need to spend the extra $$) and setup either a WDS or client mode connection between the routers. (Will require loading custom firmware on the routers.)

    Good luck.
  3. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    So I'm guessing you mean use the WAP54G with the xbox?

    Has anyone tried this?

    Xbox <--> WAP54G <-= wds= -> WRT54GS <--> CABLE MODEM

    Becuase I thought for that you need the WAP in bridge mode which also means that the WAP can only connect to another linksys AP, does that mean I need to buy another wireless AP?
  4. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    Actually, theres probably a really basic reason for this...

    Could I not just go:

    XBox <--> Switch (Some belkin 5 port) <--> WAP54G (In AP Mode) <-= wds =-> WRT54gs <--> Cable Modem

    Becuase my xbox can already go into a switch CAT5 into WRT54G and onto net
    wouldn't the above be doing the same?
    Maybe I dont understand accesspoints properly

    And that would get my xbox online?
  5. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Access points originally had two purposes.

    1. Facilitating communication between wireless clients
    2. Allowing wireless clients to connect to a wired network.

    The bridging, repeating, etc. features came later and now days it is often hard to keep strait the differences between a companies AP's, bridges, range extenders, etc.

    Yes this would work. The only problem is that the stock firmware from Linksys only gives you limited control of the WDS features in the WAP54G.

    I believe that that you can get a bit more control over WDS using HyperWAP but it must be configured from the command line. Also I seem to remember success stories from others who managed to get their WAP54G connected up with their WRT in ways other than what the User's manual suggested by using the stock Linksys firmware on the WAP and custom firmware on the WRT.

    Not completely relevant but as an example of what might be possible: I've been able to successfully create a WDS connection between a Belkin F5D7130 "Wireless Range Extender/Access Point" and a Linksys WRT54G by configuring the wireless repeating feature in the Belkin & WDS on the WRT. This was despite the fact that the Belkin documentation said their repeating feature would only work with other specific Belkin products.

    Point is: Don't take their word for it, try it out yourself. Especially when it comes to WDS related features. :thumb:
  6. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    I'm having trouble with getting the WAP to talk to the WRT54GS, im sure they must be compatible, but I'm sure I can work this out.

    Everything is on the same channel--> is that okay? (Channel 6) I upgraded the stock firmware of the WAP and its stopped me from using European channels becuase it thinks I'm in the USA :S

    Anyone tried any configuration like this? I have the feeling I'm going to need a WRT54G or another WAP54G :(
  7. eimagery

    eimagery Guest


    Here is our setup:

    3 Powerbooks - airport - wireless
    1 Imac -airport - wireless
    1 PC - wireless - WUSB54G
    2 Xbox - wireless - WGA11B

    You could use the newer WGA54G for the xbox.

    As long as you use the default setup for the WRT54G, SSID = Linksys and keep it on, the wireless game adapter is set up out of the box plug-n-play.

    I have used a Apple airport express in hotels and changed it's SSID to Linksys and the addresses it gives out to and the wireless game adapters have worked perfectly.

  8. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    Cheers, but what I'm looking to do is use my exhisting equipment to get my xbox online but it seems that I'm going to have to buy another WAP54G or a WRT54G/s or find some kind of way to get around the brdiging block on the WAP54G.

    At the minute I've tried to get my AP to work in anymode and talk to my WRT54GS. For this I've put the WAP downstairs away from the WRT and trying to get it to be a repeater to extend/strengthen my signal in weak areas.

    In order to configure the WAP im having to CAT5 it to the WRT switch. As soon as I disconnect the CAT5, my laptop gets kicked off the wireless connection.

    When the WAP asks for a MAC address I've tried both the LAN address which incidentally has 'AA' at the end, and the WRT address which has 'AB' at the end, both times, as soon as the WAP is taken off the wired network my laptop gets kicked off.

    The set-up is as follows:
    WRT54GS - Auto DHCP - From WAN - - Channel 6
    Desktop PC- Auto DHCP - Wired to WRT -
    Laptop- Auto DHCP - Wireless - - Channel 6
    WAP54G - Auto DHCP - - Channel 6

    WRT MAC:
    LAN MAC:
    WAP MAC (Under LAN MAC on first page):
  9. Sneezie

    Sneezie Network Guru Member

    Anyone in the UK selling a WAP54G by any chance?

    After a discussion on linksys live chat it seems that the best they can do is give me the suggestion to buy another WAP45G becuase they only like talkin to each other :(
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