Linksys NSLU2 problems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by robpattondotcom, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. robpattondotcom

    robpattondotcom Network Guru Member

    After now spending 4 hours of my life working on this thing, and an hour on the phone with Linksys, whos suggestion is to "have the unit repleaced at the store where I bought it" I thought I would come over here and see if other people have had any problems? Mine was set up and running nicely for 2.5 days, auto backing up systems every night, just as it should, now today I want to add a system to the backup list, and I've lost the ability to http to it, It still works, mind you, just not able to get it into an admin screen. Also not able to get a true factory reset.
    I had upgraded to (what I'm told) is a linksys beta of the firmware, but it looked good. I'm told by tech support that they are getting a lot of calls on this product, and that they would take my feedback and send it upto the product manager.

    Such a cool product, so much potential. So many things it could do. So whos the first to step up with a 3rd party offering for this??
  2. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

  3. jdoering

    jdoering Guest

    Are the symptoms the same when you start it with no drives attached? Also, what is the version number of the "beta" firmware (just curious as to what's out there)?
  4. robpattondotcom

    robpattondotcom Network Guru Member

    As luck would have it, the unit just started working correctly again. It did the same thing reguardless of if there was a drive attached or not.

    The ver I'm running, which doesnt look beta, but I was told it was, is V2.3R24

    So its all back running again, though I'm very interested in seeing some hacks to this. Love to see a ver that supports NTFS on the drive vs the hoops I have to jump through to talk to this drive on another machine.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have the same problem, it's driving me crazy PLEASE HELP!

    The unit works correctly, but I cannot access it via HTTP any longer at I called linksys and they say to get it replaced, but I don't have the box etc etc anymore. I ran the setup CD and it finds the NSLU2 just fine and sets it up but when I try to access via which I confirmed is its set address I just get a search page. I have the WRTG54 router and I can access that fine via HTTP. What the heck?? I see your corrected itself, obviously this is a big problem as I cannot access any settings. Is there a way to upgrade or reinstall firmware on it other than via HTTP??


  6. robpattondotcom

    robpattondotcom Network Guru Member

    I just left mine unplugged for 36 hours or so, and when i turned it back on, it all seemed to work again... dunno exactly why, but..
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