Linksys QuickVPN v1.2.6 Beta Released.

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    QuickVPN Client v1.2.6 Release Note 9/13/2007 (beta testing)

    Issues Fixed:

    1. QuickVPN Client v1.2.5 can support Windows Vista machines that do not have QuickVPN Client v1.0.x installed previously. If a Vista machine has prior QuickVPN Client such as v1.0.39 installed, QuickVPN Client v1.2.5 cannot completely uninstall the prior version. This release fixed the issue by cleaning up the Windows Registry associated with QuickVPN Client during the uninstallation.

    Known Issues:

    1. There is a known issue with Windows XP SP2 Firewall - ICMP packets are always dropped by the Firewall when the Firewall is enabled. The issue will cause the QuickVPN Client not being able to establish a tunnel with the remote QuickVPN Server successfully. Microsoft has released a patch to fix this issue. Once you install the patch, the issue should be resolved.

    2. QuickVPN Client v1.2.5, when running on Vista, has an interop issue with RVS4000 firmware v1.1.09 and v1.1.11 (beta). The interop issue was fixed by firmware v1.1.13 (beta).

    3. QuickVPN Client v1.2.5, when running on Vista, has an interop issue with WRVS4400N firmware v1.0.12, v1.0.13 and v1.0.15 (beta). The interop issue was fixed by firmware v1.0.16.

    4. Users need to have the administrative rights in order to use QuickVPN Client. This is a constraint posed by the Windows operating systems.

    You can grab the file for download here:
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