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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dllfb, Jun 22, 2007.

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    Being a remedial it comes to computers that is!...I am in a son ended up unplugging my router and now we cant figure out how to hook it up again...nothing seems to work...we're so confused. Can anyone please walk me through this process....I have a speedstream modem which has the following lights on: power, ethernet and dsl...our wireless B 2.4 ghz linksys router is model number BEFWlls4 ver 4. The lights on, on the router are power, ethernet1 and internet. Our main computer has windows xp and my other one is a laptop with it stands the main computer will connect to the internet and my laptop is the stubborn just refuses to..likely because we've done something wrong....your help is greatly appreciated from this tizzied mom! Thanks so much!
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    I need some help with hooking my wireless router, I have the Linksys Wireless B Broadband Router model number BEFW11S4.
    When I hook the router up and run my cable internet through it I get a connection but it says "limited or no connectivity" and it doesnt work at all. I have gone through all the steps on the web page for setting up your router. I clone the MAC adress from my computer then go to the status tab and there is no IP adress, its is all 0's, I try to Release and Renew my DHCP but it doesnt change or do anything when I click those buttons.

    Also on the linksys router web page, when I type in the defult IP adress and the Linksys page comes up and I go through the steps, on the Status tab, under Internet Configuration Type: Login Type: mine says "DHCP", although on the Linksys step by step setup page it says it should say "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" not sure if that is a problem or not.

    If anyone has any suggestions at all please let me know

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