Linksys Router + Multiple Remote Desktops !Veterns Help!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sharpescalade, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. I have a WKS54G Linksys wireless g router with the latest firmware installed.

    I have 2 machines:

    computer #1 :local static IP:
    computer #2 :local static IP:

    with microsoft windows xp professional connected to this router and need to be able to connect to either machine while I am on business.

    I am using windows professional remote desktop to connect via broadband connection.

    Both machines have remote desktop enabled and are able to connect to each other locally using local IP address.

    Also I can take the 1 successful remote desktop port forwarding configuration, set either machine to the "port forwarded" specified IP and remote desktop will connect to either machine.

    I have 3 tabs in my web console of my linksys config page.
    "Port Forwarding" " Port Triggering" "UPnP Forwarding"

    I have went to the port forwarding tab and created a new port forward like this:

    Port 3389~3389 TCP/UDP to computer #1 : Enabled

    When I go offsite and open remote desktop, I input my router real world IP address, the forwarding is successful, and I get the login page of computer #1 :

    The problem occurs with the other machine.

    Microsoft says that all you need to do is on computer #2 :local static IP: you change the DEFAULT windows xp remote desktop listening port to something else, which i used "3390".

    I checked netstat -a on both computers, and on computer #1 :local static IP: I can see port 3389 active listening, and on computer #2 :local static IP: I can see port 3390 active listening.

    This is were I have seen many people say what to do from here.

    I tried setting up another port forwarding, for a total of 2 port forwardings under the "port forwarding" tab. So they look like this:

    Port 3389~3389 TCP/UDP to computer #1 : Enabled
    Port 3390~3390 TCP/UDP to computer #2 : Enabled

    I go offsite,start remote desktop, enter in main router real world IP 123.456.789.111 and the 1st forwarding still works and I see the remote login for computer #1 :

    As per microsoft, to connect to computer #2 :[with the modified port of 3390] I select and start remote desktop, enter in main router real world IP 123.456.789.111:3390 *notice the 3390 on the end*. I get a connection error "client could not connect to remote computer"

    So I dont know what to try, all remote desktop works between each other, but remotely it seems like forwarding just isnt setup right.

    Could someone shed some light on this or have some solid troubleshooting steps?
  2. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    Please excuse these questions if you've already tried some of this....
    Currently you have PC #2 set up to listen for RD on 3390. What happens if you forward port 3389 to the IP for PC #2 while it is listening to 3390?
    Basically, this will test weather or not the registry change that you made to change the "default" listening port for PC #2 actually is working correctly?
    Moreover, what happens if you reverse it... by this I mean to set PC #1 to listen to 3390 and forward the port accordingly. Then set PC #2 to listen to 3389 and forward accordingly. If this configuration works, then it's possible that the router is in fact doing it's job, but Windows really isn't listening correctly on one of the PCs. This might weed out some of the variables.
    Another thing to try, just for kicks, is to try setting both to non-default ports and forward accordingly. Or, chose a higher port... like 4000 or whatever.
    Hopefully this will help.
  3. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    One other thing to take into consideration. Is the remote PC making the request behind a firewall (i.e. corporate firewall)? It's possible that 3389 might be open for the simple fact that it is the default port for XP RD (assuming the net admin took the time to set up that rule), and 3390 might be closed since it isn't. Sounds stupid, I know, but it's a possibility.
    I've tried making RD connections behind a corporate firewall before and had to use some strange port assignments for that same reason.
    Anyways, that's my additional 2 cents... for a grand total of 4. :)
  4. s202

    s202 Network Guru Member

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