Linksys Router RT31P2 network computer Port Foward Conflict

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by heathervalentiine, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. hello
    newbie here :)
    i run 2 web sites and an ftp server using the router mentioned
    Linksys Router RT31P2 wired sincxe i dont like wireless
    my problem is this
    i run my servers on
    computer i am on now is

    i only want to allow 104 to use port 21 Ftp
    yet when i go to sygate security site for a port scan
    it says port 21 is open and im scanning it from this maching 102
    when i turn the ftp server off on that networked pc 104
    the scan then shows as port 21 closed form this machine

    why is it showing my port open on 21 when im scannign from this machine 102,i have turned on every firewall possible blocking that port.yet the port still shows as open in the scan
    i am very puzzled and dont know what to do
    no i dotn have any viruses or trojans.i even formatted my hard drive and reinstalled xp and did the scan again only to find the same results

    if someone can help me solve this mystery
    i woud greatly appreciate it
    thank you :eek:
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