Linksys routers may be open to remote sniffing

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rich, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. rich

    rich Network Guru Member

    My error...the wrt54g is not listed as a router that has been confirmed to have the problem..

    Linksys routers may be open to remote sniffing
    "....FOLKS AT security portal SecuriTeam published on May 17 an exploit that could allow hackers and other nasty people to remotely sniff traffic passing through the router, and also crash the device.
    The article says it all comes down to a "memory leak", causing a flaw in the way the Linksys routers' DHCP server returns BOOTP protocol packets. This exploit is currently listed at position #3 in the front page, so expect lots of script kiddies to be playing with it as we write (and you read) this. ..."

    From the Inquirer....does this problem still exist with WiFibox + Sveasoft software?
  2. rwhitby

    rwhitby Network Guru Member

    I have run the exploit code against Sveasoft firmware, and it is not vulverable. I have also examined at the Sveasoft udhcpd code, and it explicitly drops BOOTP packets, so it cannot be vulnerable to this attack.

    I would expect that the same is true for other WRT54G firmware (since they all use the same udhcpd basic code), but have not verified that assumption.

    -- Rod
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