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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jimmyV, Nov 29, 2006.

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    Hi my name is Jimmy and I have seen threads on the linksys rtp300 dealing with VPN connections and I have a few questions about my own setup. I have read things about people having no VPN problems with this router and some about how this device isn't worth the trouble when it comes to VPN. To start with I am a lowly C++ software developer that has very limited knowledge of networking but hopefully enough to give a useful explanation of my setup so here it goes!

    So far i have used the rtp300's ddns setup tool and assigned it a dynamic dns that i created using's service. Behind the router I have a desktop running XP and also a couple laptops on a WAP. I configured the desktop according to the instructions provided by a site on how to set up a vpn ( and so far am able to ping the ddns i created and recieve a response from the router. As far as the router goes i have enabled PPTP passthrough and disabled the 'block anonymous requests' feature as well as the 'filter multicast' feature.

    so there is my's the question:
    when i try to create the vpn connection with a user i created for the specific purpose i get: Error:800 Unable to establish vpn connection. I have noticed that if i take my router offline (unplug it) the Ping will not respond so the ddns appears to be working.

    This is probially a record for a lengthy post...short story is the error 800. Thanks!

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