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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Rob Brandt, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Hi. I am seeking advice on how to configure our network for best performance.

    Background is that I have just joined a group of non-techie workers in a 4k sq ft office, there are currently only 3 other people here. We "inherited" an existing network infrastructure using 2 Linksys SRW-224 switches. As a software developer I am the obvious candidate to set these up and maintain them. When I arrived last week, the network was operational but flaky. The switches were in their default configuration, so I made sure they had different IP addresses and were secure. We are getting internet access via a Verizon DSL connection. Wifi was going through the Verizon router itself, bypassing the switches. I turned off the wifi on that router and purchased a Cicso wifi router and plugged it into one of the Linksys ports so that it's connection would be a "peer" to the other cabled connections and could be managed.

    There are two issues I would like to address:

    1) Most of us use the internet for garden variety browsing and email. This all works fine until one of the users - who is a photographer - starts to upload a batch of images to his web server, sometimes gigabytes at a time. When he does this, internet performance for everyone else slows to a crawl if not stops. I believe he uses an http based utility to do the uploading, so I can't focus on protocol, I think it must be a port-based solution(?). Ideally, a solution would allow him 100% of the bandwidth when no one else is around, but allow everyone else what they need to work when they need it.

    2) Occassionally per day we need to do something special like have a Skype conference call, use a VOIP app or do remote database work (port 3306 or 1434). I think there are QoS features in our switches that can assist with that, but I'm not quite sure how to use them. We would want as much bandwidth as necessary available for these things when they are needed, but available for other purposes when not.\

    We are actively looking for alternatives to DSL as it's obviously low performance, but we would like to know what we can accomplish with the switches first. No doubt what we learn will apply to a faster connection as well.

    Thanks in advance.
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