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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chris, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. chris

    chris Guest

    Has anyone else had a miserable experience with Linksys and their "support". I have had the usual slew of problems with two WRV54Gs and their support has been worthless at best. I don't even want to get going about what a pile of junk the WRV54G firmware has been.

    The people in Indian have been useless and seem to be able to do little more than "check their resources" and recite scripted information verbatim to me.

    The people in the Phillippines have proven equally useless. Their standard response is that "our systems are down right now". They refused to give me any of the contact information for people I'd spoken with, refused to transfer me to someone in California, and even refused to provide me with their names or any sort of proof of the conversation I'd had with them.

    They apparently don't maintain any call accounting logs to show you who you've spoken with. I just needed to get the name of a level 2 tech from Irvine who'd helped me resolve my RMA issue. I've been trying for 3 days now, and no one can (or is willing to) help me figure out his name.

    I used to think Dell had terrible customer service, but this is the absolute rock bottom.

    Steve Gordon is the VP of Services at Linksys. If he's like everyone else there, he can be emailed at

  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Why would you be calling people in India and the Philippines? If you were calling for tech support, you just hit on a heated issue about outsourcing tech support to the far corners of the planet, unfortunately.

    I have had better luck with Linksys support via email. The reply came within one business day.

    Dell has since moved their phone tech support back to US (for US customers only), and they have an excellent user forum at that goes back many many years. You should try that forum some time :wink:
  3. sprogman

    sprogman Guest

    I didn't have much luck with email either from Linksys.....
  4. yonnage

    yonnage Network Guru Member

    emails from Linksys

    I find that after a support call to Linksys I get an email saying "Thanks for calling... You spoke to ... Your case number is ... Please tell us about the support you received" Then you have a link to a questionaire.

    I dont know if the names are for real. I had one guy (Manilla I think) called Shredder ??? Although the UK guys I have spoken to seem to have real names like Scott and James.

    Email support was terrible when I had a PPTP passthrough problem, but this currently get replies within 48 hours with a gnomemeeting issue I have, except for weekends, when it looks like the UK support dont work.

    A typical response from Manilla is "try forwarding single ports instead of the full range of ports" (gnomemeeting not working with firewall enabled) I had ports 1024 ~ 65535 forwarded. and "change the MTU to 1372". Since when does disabling the firewall change the MTU size????
  5. MikeyGMT

    MikeyGMT Network Guru Member

    I recently bought the wvc11b Wireless Web Cam. In fact I had to get it from the States, because Linksys don't yet supply this product in the UK! Anyway, I had trouble getting it to work wirelessly, so used the chat support feature.

    On the first call, we had to change some settings on the pc, router and cam. It was inevitable that we did loose the connection. Once I was online again, seconds later, I logged a second call, explained the progress so far. 10 min or so later, the cam was working.

    I think for a free service, this was pretty damn good! May be I was lucky, or perhaps this problem is logged every 20 minutes, so every analyst knows the solution. Equally, the call was made during core us hours, about 8 PM GMT. :wink:

    By comparison, in a professional capacity, I work with a large database and financial application supplier and we pay about a £1000 a week for support, which is also often routed to Asia and to be honest, the free Linksys service was better £1 for £1. I recommend trying the live chat service.

    Hope you have better luck next time.
  6. ducktape

    ducktape Guest

    linksys support?

    I've had to repeatedly bypass the outsourced support as I've had a case open with linksys since august of 2004. Those people consistantly dropped the ball on escalating the case, as well as displaying an overall sense of incompetance each and every time I've called them. The management in their overseas support offices even admitted to me that they read off of scripts. To get my case resolved I had to call the Irvine, CA office and have it escalated directly to their tier3 engineers and management. I finally got the support that I needed as well as had a cross-ship rma done immediately.

    In talking with one of their support managers in Irvine, he was insistant about me calling into the main tech support number and giving them a chance. I told him flat out, I refuse to do that until the quality of support is improved. If you're having issues with the overseas tech support, get a case number and contact customer service. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT talk to one of the flunkies in C/S. Ask to speak directly to a manager. Once you do that, give it a couple of days and call the Irvine, CA office and ask if your complaint has been received. According to the person I talked to in Irvine, although he didn't state it directly, definately implied that Linksys/Cisco management is quite aware of the issues. Not to sound obtuse or prejudiced, but this is exactly what happens when you outsource to a country like the phillipeans. You get what you pay for. If you want quality outsource support, India or Pakistan....
  7. Dowunda

    Dowunda Network Guru Member

    I called Linksys when I first bought my WRT54GS and my call has been answered by tech in US -wanna mention that I live in Australia- the tech was more than helpful and showed a very nice and friendly attitude.

    In regards to DELL I had the same bad experience since they moved their tech to India.....but couple days after I lodged an official complaint I received a call from a guy here in Australia who was a part of DELL's customer advocacy department apologising and he did everything could had be done to leave me satisfied.....

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