Linksys WAG200G interfaces

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by TheMixer, May 10, 2007.

  1. TheMixer

    TheMixer LI Guru Member

    Does anyone knows, what interfaces does what on an Linksys WAG200G (and maybe how to get MRTG to read their speed)?

    I’ve got an WAG200G and am trying to get some info from it with MRTG, but when I try to use the MRTG configmaker script, all interfaces is reported with no speed.
    When looking in the generated MRTG script, I’ve found the interface for WLAN, wireless and eth0 and got the speed working for them, but there is some interfaces I’m not sure what does.

    The interfaces I’m looking for info on, is: wdsup0, wdsdw0, wdsdw1, wdsdw2, wdsdw3 and br0.
    As there is a 4 ports switch on the router, I’m thinking that the interfaces wdsdwX could be ports on that, but they are all inactive, but if they are the switch, at least one of them should be active, because I’ve got an switch connected to on of the ports.

  2. magsi

    magsi Network Guru Member

    maybe the interfaces don't have counters. whats about br0, this is probably the bridge?
  3. TheMixer

    TheMixer LI Guru Member

    Don’t know if they or not, it’s a new router, so I’m still in the learning mode :)

    You mean a bridge between the ADSL modem and the switch?
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