Linksys WAG300N Problems :( please help

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Carnagerover, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Linksys WAG300N problems

    Today i took a Netgear dg834n router back to PCWorld and exchanged it for a Linksys WAG300N, the reason i did this was because the Netgear would always crap out when there was consistent wireless use.

    I set the wireless up and started to use the WAG300N, it worked fine with my Xbox 360, but then my Nintendo Wii and D-link DWL-G810 were having problems.

    I set up my dlink gaming adapter and it just gets loads of fragmentation and never connects when i plug it into my xbox console. My Wii worked after i connected it to channel 11 i think it was, not sure if that was just a coincidence though as it was the only thing i changed.

    So i am left with my 360 working, OPEN NAT good, wii working but ropey and no gaming adapter for my xbox.

    I could exchange this again but i would have to buy it from PC world, i dont need N support but i do want mimo because it increases the range due to more antennas i believe.

    Is my Linkys to blame or what i am connecting to it, the netgear used to work with the DWL-G810 with no fragmentation errors.

    I have the router running on Standard 20mhz channel 11 and 128 wep.

    I do not know what the difference between 40mhz wide and standard are.

    Please help, the other router choices i have are as follows, there are 3 pages and it has to be an ADSL router:

    Thanks again

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