Linksys WAG354G - Wandering SNMP Ports

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by JayDub, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. JayDub

    JayDub Network Guru Member

    I am trying to use Paessler's PRTG to monitor the traffic flow to and from my router.

    However, occasionally SNMP ports (or is it interface allocations) 11 & 12 swap over and the port that was assigned as PPP becomes WLAN and vice-versa. I have confirmed the port assignments with other SNMP viewer applications.

    Is there anyway of stopping this from happening, because it is preventing me building up any real history of usage within PRTG?
  2. JayDub

    JayDub Network Guru Member

    Linksys WAG354G - Spontaneous Reboots

    Having dug a bit deeper, it appears that the router has been doing a spontaneous hard reboot.

    I suspect that the SNMP interface port assignments are identified at boot up, whicjh would explain why they sometimes change.

    However, the question now is:

    Are their any conditions under which the WAG354G is know to spontaneously reboot?

    Or do I have a a faulty unit?
  3. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Mine used to reboot (or hang) too. Which firmware and Annex are you using?
  4. JayDub

    JayDub Network Guru Member

    Direct from the router:

    Firmware Version:1.01.05 , Oct 20 2005
    Boot Version:0.22.19

    DSL DSP Datapump version: [] Annex A

    What fixed yours? A firmware upgrade?!
  5. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    Don't sweat it. Mine also does reboot randomly, messes SNMP, does not update DynDNS, etc, etc, etc.

    I hate to be carrier of bad news and no hope but it is a crappy piece of hardware. Linksys is usually good and exceptionally great (WRT series), but with the WAG354 they are really bad.

    I am still waiting for a firmware update but it doesn not seem to happen. Main well-known issues:

    -Dynamic DNS clients failures
    -Loss of wireless signal
    -Overheating issues
    -SNMP (all of it)
    -Lack of telnet/command line administration
    -QoS not working
    -Time/NTP issues or not working

    And no, mine it is still not fixed :(
    As you can probably see in this forum, there are many not exactly in love with their WAG354 :thumbdown:
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