Linksys WAG54G and wireless drops :-(

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ciairo, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. ciairo

    ciairo Network Guru Member

    I know that the continuous drops of the wireless lan managed by the gateway in subject are unfortunately frequent.
    I decided to write only because they are two weeks that I try several settings and exchange email with technical support (than fortunately is quick in the answers even if a bit rambles). Due to the strange of that thing they proposed the substitution of the gateway because probably defective. Someone has some tip? :?:
    The PCs had both win xp pro sp2, one has a linksys usb card (WUSB54G) and the other a linksys pci one (WMP54G). On both I have installed last driver with the WNet Monitor v.4
    The gateway has the last official available firmware (1.02.7)
    The strangest thing is that if I WANT to use the net, I have only to switch off and then to switch on the gateway so the wireless lan works fine up to an hour (somethimes more), then the drop arrives and I have only to do what writed above.
    The gateway is not "physically" connected to a PC but only to the telephone and electrical lines. I connect it via ethernet only for the configuration because if I make it in wireless after the first "Save Settings" it drops the lan and I have to switch it off-onn.
    Ok, lets to solve my probem :wink:
  2. ciairo

    ciairo Network Guru Member

    perhaps resolved :eek:)

    Ok, I'm quite confident that the gateway starts to work right.
    I've (after the firmware upg to 1.02.7) done an hardware reset holding the back button for 30 sec.
    Then I set up the ISP parameters, the RTS threshold to 2304, the beacon to 50 and the Fragment threshold to 2304.
    I also disabled the DHCP and the SSID Broadcast and set the range port forwarding for p2p application.

    Since 10 am everything works fine :D
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