LINKSYS WAP54G 100mW - is it possible to make this with WRT?

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by estqwerty, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. estqwerty

    estqwerty Network Guru Member

    hi all
    I found this in the net :

    I can't understent what they make but it seem to work. by may expirience all wrt that I have had weeker signal with 1 anntenna /ver 1.1 ,2,2.2/ - but I use one antena - so this will be usefull for me.

    I open one WRT54 ver2.2 but the parts seems to be changed.

    please if someone understent the shematic of the radio end of WRT54g and divercity switch and baloons on the end of the wrt tell me is this possible to happend.
  2. smoke1969

    smoke1969 Network Guru Member

    Hi estqwerty,

    I would personally not do this hardware mod on a wrt54g, since the options are already available in the firmware from DD-WRT, and why doing things the hard way if it is not needed :D
    Just download and install (like a regular firmware upgrade) the latest version from the download section of
    (Don't forget to reset your router for 20 seconds before upgrading)

    This will give you a maximum power opf 251mw and options to switch to one antenna output.. And a lot more.. :D

    Good luck,

  3. estqwerty

    estqwerty Network Guru Member

    heat problems ?

    but this soft/firmware overclock bring some heat/power problems.

    I dont belive that no one cant't understent radio end of these units. :sad: :cry:
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