Linksys Wireless B Router setup help.. wired.. Befw11S4

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by xoxccixox, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. xoxccixox

    xoxccixox LI Guru Member

    Ok I have no luck with routers.. I just bought I used router that is working great compared to my last one that I had except that I cannot get it installed ... all the lights are working on it.. I have ethernet cords hooked I dont have what I need to have a wireless connection yet.. Even the internet light is working... so I tried to hook it up with the install cd and for some reason as I get closer to the end of getting it installed a box comes up and says this setup wizard has to close.. so then I cannot finish it... Then I get referred to the linksys website to download something that would install it for me.. welll I go there do everything it tells me to.. all lights and veerything are working on the router even internet light.. then it tells me it cannot detect a linksys router.. BUT EVERYTHING IS HOOKED UP.. I also tried installing it manually.. and did not succeed on that either.. Can anyone help? If so please help me step by step.. in some way.. I am not good with computers... at all ... Nothing seems to be working.. cant understand why the setup on wouldnt detect the router everything is working fine on it.. thanks in advance..
  2. Fltlander

    Fltlander Guest

    Router Setup

    Have you got your router up and running yet? If you don't let me know I'll help ya out...step by step.
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