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    I have purchased a total of 6 Linksys products in the last 3 months for wireless use. After 19 hours of speaking with Tech Support , I have discovered the following for those looking for new wireless products from Linksys:

    All non-wireless products that I have purchased in the past seem to work fine, but newer wireless models have some real firmware glitches, some confirmed by the "highest" level tech support in Irvine, CA.

    For the following models:

    WRT54GX2 (with SRX 200) Router:

    Great range, great speed, but doesn't work with any other wireless device on the same network, including Linksys' own repeaters and access points. It took 5 hours with Level 1 & 2 tech support to confirm this. Do not try to attach any kind of repeater, bridge, or access point to this device, including Linksys brand. Depending on the purchased access point, this note may be included in the PDF manual, but not obvious to the home user.

    WRE54G Range Expander: Firmware problems have been admitted in Irvine with WRT54G v. 5 and WRT54GX2 product lines, but they are confident that a firmware release will fix compatability with at least WRT54GX2 products.

    WRT54G version 3 Router: This was the only version available to me at local retail outlets. Many people have had success with versions 2.x, but 3.x version seems buggy. As a standard wi-fi internet gateway, seems to work great but Irvine support admitted several firmware glitches at the version 3 level that they haven't had time to fix due to the holiday rush. This includes adding a WRT54G in repeater mode connecting wirelessly to the WRT54G . There have been 4 cases of this in the last 24 hours as of this posting.

    WRT54G v5:
    Does not support 3rd party firmware, as I believe was mentioned by someone else in another group. If you want a newer router with similar functionality that can handle 3rd party firmware support, they recommended WRT54GL that basically runs 4.x of the native firmware.

    I have always been dedicated to Linksys LAN products in the past, but their WI-FI products have left a sour taste. It seems I've had the bad luck of trying every one of their newer WI-FI products for a simple solution, and every one of them has had hardware glitches.

    I am a software developer, network engineer, and software support technician, so I feel comfortable in technical conversations. However, all of the level 1 support "specialists" have been outsourced to India and the Philippines, who speak broken English and some are impossible to understand. Unfortunately they spent 90% of the conversation trying to solve problems I didn't have because they don't understand how one Linksys product should work with another. On the last call, it took 2 1/2 hours to get lucky enough to speak with someone in Irvine that spoke English to help me out, and understood what I was trying to accomplish within 4 minutes (he didn't ask me how much free HD space I had). It still turned out to be a firmware problem.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wish I would have seen something like this before I bought Linksys WI-FI products and at least had an informed opinion. I have always liked Linksys, but the last 3 months have left a bad taste.
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