Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander Setup Tips

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bluedaze, Jun 3, 2005.


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    For all those with the same disappointing experience I had trying to set up the WRE54G using Windows and the CD included with the fulfillment package, I offer these tips and hints. First, throw that CD away. Don't listen to Linksys when they say you must use a Windows operating system to configure the device. You can do it with any browser, wireless adapter and router with the latest (as of this date) Range Expander firmware.

    Using this method, I setup the WRE54G with my Apple G4 Powerbook and Safari to use both a Linksys-B and Airport-G router. All three devices are on the 192.168.1.x network and connect to a gateway router at I initially tried using the CD and Virtual PC 7/XP Pro SP2 on my Powerbook, but the setup application failed. I also tried two different laptop manufacturers running XP SP2, one with a built-in Dell adapter and the other a PCMCIA D-link, and neither would successfully finish the setup on the CD or from the support web site. I made sure to read the latest info on the support site, made sure my software and firmware versions were compatible and couldn't complete it. The setup application also conflicted with the new Windows security settings, and getting it to run with the default XP SP2 security settings is difficult.

    TURN OFF ANY NEARBY WIRELESS ROUTERS/APs (other than the one you plan to use and with which the Expander will connect) THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE PICKED UP BY THE WRE54G. Turn off WEP on your wireless router, but record the key (you'll need it later). If you're using a MAC filter, make sure you add the WRE54G's address. I would also turn the filter off after you've added the address. Move your wireless router to IP (most commercial routers are setup like this by default anyway). Leave the wireless page of your router's configuration open and leave it open throughout this process. Make the WEP key visible if possible and if you haven't already recorded it somehow (you'll thank me later).

    Now re-configure your wireless client's network adapter (on the PC/Powerbook) to re-connect to the new open wireless security condition and give it this specific IP address:, Subnet and Gateway

    Reset the WRE54G by holding the reset button until the Link light blinks red. You'll need something really small like a paperclip or needle to make contact with the reset button, a pen or pencil won't work. Press and hold the auto-configure button for five seconds. The red Link light will blink and go blue. If not, or your Activity light is red, the Expander isn't seeing the wireless network/signal.

    Open a browser on your PC/Powerbook and connect to Enter admin as the password (no username is required, you can leave it blank) and you should see the device's configuration screen. Configure the Expander with all the security and network settings you plan to use. It should reboot automatically when you click Save. If not, pull the power and recycle.

    Re-configure your wireless adapter and router back to the original security settings (the settings with which you just input into the Expander), and whatever network you need to use. Using the 192.168.1.x/ network makes using the Expander the easiest. This is also where the WEP key will come in handy if you've written it down or still have the window open. Your Expander should now be configured and secured on your wireless network.
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