Linksys WRT300N Router...Pros and Cons Welcome

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by spepi, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I am looking into the Linksys WRT300N Router. I am seeing mixed reviews on this particular router. I have 1 G and 1 B wireless device. I have no N hardware. What have others experienced with this router. I currently have the WRT54G...running Thibor 15c, which is rock solid. Im not doing anything too fancy with the settings, other than QOS for my vonage.

    Please send your opinions. All are welcome...good, bad, ugly...

  2. guetali

    guetali LI Guru Member

    In comparaison with my old dead WRT54G/GS (both with alchemy firmware).
    Pro: Speed x2, Better range with good signal strengh (MIMO)
    Con: Price :(, the WRT300N v2 has no alternative firmware.

    Should use latest 2.00.17 firmware to solve droped connection in P2P (don't forget to do a factory reset)

    I use it with a WMP300N v1 with latest driver.
  3. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply. After some research...and the issue of not being able to use another firmware, Thibor...I went and purchased the WRTSL54GS
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    probably the best move you done:thumbups:
  5. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    Running Thibor 15c on my WRT54G now...had Tomato...but had to go back....
    I was wondering how you determined the version of your PAP2. I have a PAP2 also, with Vonage....I'd like to know the version level...

  6. docinthebox

    docinthebox LI Guru Member

    Spepi, did you consider the WRT350N which seems to be the gigabit version of the WRTSL54GS, esp now that dd-wrt supports the WRT350N as well (at least the v24 beta, though the storage link doesn't work yet, but given time, I'm sure it'll be fixed.)
  7. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I did, but I have no use for GB at client PC's only have 10/100 NICS...I got the new WRTSL54GS, but I am in the middle of an Active directory migration this weekend, so no time to hook it up.
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