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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jasyn, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. jasyn

    jasyn Network Guru Member

    i have a wrt54g wireless router right now. my other computers are currently using the wmp54g pci adapters. the signal is really weak because of the placement of my router, and in order to get 54mbps for each computer the router needs to be placed in the main hallway which i don't want. i've tried the idea with high gain antennas, but that didn't help due to the wall as well as other interference.

    until the 802.11n is final i was thinking of purchasing a 802.11g with MIMO technology to help my problem. the model that i was looking at is the WRT54GX.

    will my wireless computers be able to get a better signal if i just switch the router to the WRT54GX while my other computers use the WMP54G pci-adapter, or do i need to purchase the WMP54GX pci adapters in order to take full advantage?
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    What "other interference"? 2.4 GHz cordless phone perhaps?

    "High gain" what? Omni or directional. I find unless everything is on flat plane with clients evenly spaced around WRT the omni is very poor choice. Most setups a directional works better. Can be as simple as a reflector made out of carboard and foil. See

    Then on the client end I have use directionals as well. Actually works more effectively here. 2 Directionals pointed at each other I have gone 1/4 mile through light tree cover.

    Don't forget there may be other approaches. You haven't described your structure or it's obstacles very well. But I find it is usually possible to have SOME kind of wired backbone almost anyplace, then put another AP up where I need more coverage. In places where running ethernet is impossible I have used NetGear power-line bridge units to be the backbone.
  3. jasyn

    jasyn Network Guru Member

    well i have a 2.4ghz cordless phone in my living room which is just across the other side of my room. by interference i meant just the depth of the walls and placement of the router (it's on the floor) is causing the transmission of data to not be sent thoroughly causing a low connection status with my other computers. currently one of the computers is using a high gain omni-directional antenna (hawking technology), and it doesn't really do any justice. placing it on my desk however nets me the same result.

    although MIMO is great, perhaps instead of getting a new router, i may just consider getting the WAP54G and mounting it somewhere in the hallway. not sure if that would be worth it considering the price. i can get a WRT54GX for $60ish, however i'd have to upgrade all the pci adapters which would run more $$.

    i don't really want to spend that much $$ until 802.11n comes out. i just want a more stable connection for the wireless. thoughts?
  4. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    I would try some reflectors. If you have an inkjet printer, it is trivial to do.

    I had similar problems (using wireless as wire replacement, so to desktop computers) and improved my signal and latency by:
    - playing with the channels. Surprisingly, 2.4GHz phone can interfere strongly with 802.11g, but it depends on the phone and the channel used. For me, channel 1 was unuseable, but channel 11 worked fine
    - adding a reflector to my WRTSL54GS antenna turned towards my computer room
    - playing with the transmit power using a 3rd party firmware. I pushed it really high before I used the reflector and tuned it down after as the signal was strong enough.

    A reflector is the best possibility for you or at least the cheapest one. Print their template on cardboard, cut it, glue aluminum foil on it and bam! signal improved! For best results, add one on the router and one on each antenna too.
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