Linksys WRT54GL and 10 mb connection

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by valerima, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. valerima

    valerima LI Guru Member

    Currently we have 4mb/s connection, but soon it could be increased up to 10 mb/s.
    Will my old Linksys be able to manage increased broadband?
  2. bogderpirat

    bogderpirat Network Guru Member

    it'll go up to around 30Mbit/s, after that you'll have to overclock.
  3. inaninck

    inaninck Addicted to LI Member

    Mine works fine with 20Mbit/sec.
  4. QSxx

    QSxx Network Guru Member

    And in that case of bandwidth over 30mbit, would WRT54G-TM help (more memory?)
  5. TVTV

    TVTV LI Guru Member

    I'm able to get ~40+ mbps from my OCed GL v1.1. I'm on a 50 mbps FO connection.
  6. bogderpirat

    bogderpirat Network Guru Member

    nope, more cpu speed is required.
  7. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    i seem to remember reading somewhere that the WAN port would cause a bottleneck at higher speeds also (not sure why though, or where I read it).
  8. bogderpirat

    bogderpirat Network Guru Member

    that's nonsense. the wrt54g are limited in terms of wan throughput only by the relatively weak cpu.
  9. though

    though Network Guru Member

    this thread is interesting. what about the buffalo WHR-HP-G54 and WHR-G54S units? what are their approximate "limits" ?
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