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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 666angel, May 29, 2014.

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    I am new to this forum, so thank you for your patience and sorry for my a little rusty english.
    I have a problem i cant resolve on my own. I have three linksys routers wrt54gl that i want to connect wirelessly to extend my WI-FI range. When connected, on main router ( wifi speeds are as it should be (10MBps), but on every other router speed drasticly falls (on 2nd router 5MBps ( and on 3rd router ( 0.5 MBps) Third router is 100 meters avay from second router at my neighbors house.
    What should i do with my network to make it work OK? I want speeds on all routers as promised from my ISP 10 MBps.
    Here is a picture of my network:

  2. 666angel

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    In picture it says DD-WRT software for routers, yesterday i flashed all routers with Tomato 1.28. Here are system overview's from all 3 routers



  3. Marcel Tunks

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    Maximum wireless throughput in 802.11g is theoretically around 15mbps with CTS protection or around 24mbps if g only and everything else is perfect. In reality it's usually closer to 15. Wireless clients connecting to the second router get half the throughput (7.5mbps or so). Wireless clients connected to the third node will get one quarter of the first router's throughput under ideal conditions. The magnitude of the reduction in your case may indicate that the wireless connection from router 2 to router 3 is either too weak or is faced with excessive interference.
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  4. Toxic

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    Any wds adds performance issues. Half the speed each time you add a wds to the equation.....

    Then don't forget the more wireless devices the speed is the decreased since you share the available remaining speed.

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