Linksys WRT54GL = WRT54Gv4

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mdalke, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. mdalke

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    [To all who can be concerned]

    I've just opend new WRT54GL and I can confirm, that's exactly same platform like previous WRT54Gv4.

    It has same chipset, ram, flash and PCB like this:

    - it's based on 16 Mb RAM and 4 Mb Flash chips.
    - it works fine with DD-WRT and OpenWRT
    - s/n: CL7*********
    - FCC ID: Q87-WRT54GV40

    All amounts taken from unit marked as manufactured in November 2005
  2. Lazy

    Lazy Network Guru Member


    Does it have MAC address in the same range as V4?
  3. mdalke

    mdalke Network Guru Member

    Re: MAC

    MAC's seqence:
    LAN xx:xx:xx:xx:F7:FE
    WAN xx:xx:xx:xx:F7:FF
    Wireless xx:xx:xx:xx:F8:00

    (if you're asking about it:)
  4. Toxic

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  5. danielhaden

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    Don't forget that Thibor's HyperWRT and DD-WRT V23 Mini/Standard Generic can both give it afterburner/Speedbooster.

    In the case of Thibor's (GS firmware) work, this is accompanied by an increase in signal strength when compared to using the V4 routers with only "G" firmware. And, now, WDS may make use of Speedbooster.

    According to the built in site survey tools (Site_Suvery.asp or SiteSurvey.asp, operated by switching ap off and then pressing scan) the reception strength is greatly increased. This is so helpful for those weak laptops.

    DD-WRT cannot do WDS with Speedbooster, but it offers many of the same features plus additional Internet distribution features (not so easy to figure out). A premium feature is the flexable QOS and ability to block or govern P2P file sharing--Can even do P2P and VOIP at the same time. Internet goes very fast, but basic network throughput isn't quite as fast as Linksys/HyperWRT firmwares. DD-WRT may brick this particular router if you clear the nvram while running DD-WRT. However, if you switch to HyperWRT, you may safely clear the nvram as the last step.

    Perhaps the most unique things about this hardware are the difficulty in loading firmware and the remarkably more robust wireless when running the "GS" firmwares.
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