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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mobybit, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. mobybit

    mobybit LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT54GS v5 that I can't get upgraded. I am connected to it wireless and I navigate to the "Administration, Firmware Upgrade" page and fill in the "Please select a file to upgrade" field with "WRT54GS-v5v6_1.52.5.002_fw.bin" and click the "Upgrade" button. The progress meter (which looks like a blank text entry field just above the "Upgrade must NOT be interrupted !" message line) fills a couple of times and then the page fails to refresh the 2nd time (after the progress meter has filled the 2nd time). I can navigate back (via browser url address field) to the main WRT54GS webadmin page and thence to the "Status" page where I find that the same (not upgraded) version is noted - v1.50.5 . I've tried this procedure about four time and I'm pretty sure that I can repeat this forever without getting the firmware to upgrade to v1.52.5.002 . What am I doing wrong ???

    BTW, I'm upgrading to try to solve flakyness with AP association and DHCP with multiple clients. It seems most likely that the WRT54GS is buggy than that multiple clients are buggy (FYI, they all worked Okay with previous AP that recently died).
  2. DrTibbs

    DrTibbs Addicted to LI Member

    You must be hardwired to the router to do this.
  3. mobybit

    mobybit LI Guru Member

    fooey !

    Yes, that also seems to be the conventional wisdom that I have collected from inquiries elsewhere.

    I downloaded WRT54GS_UG_WEB_20070529.pdf and read the section on upgrading (Chap. 3, pg 19). There is no mention of a prohibition against upgrade via a wireless connection. However, I did discover later in the release notes (WRT54GS-v5v6_v1.52.5.002_fw_ver.txt) this proviso :

    That's a curious requirement since there is no way to disable the 802.11 radio or otherwise prevent wireless activity in the WRT54GS v5.

    And, I've since discovered this thread - - which warns that the 1.52.0 upgrade will break bridging.

    So, after trying the upgrade via a wired connection I have had the same results as mentioned in the OP !

    There's really no technical reason that an upgrade via wireless shouldn't work the same as via wired. The connection medium is only used to transfer the firmware file ... and any properly designed router should be able to do that via wire or radio. If experience shows that there is a problem upgrading via wireless then it means that the WRT54GS v5 doesn't have enough memory to manage wireless sessions and buffer the new firmware for the flash write and reboot.

    I've concluded that the WRT54GS v5 is just about the worst piece of CR*P that works only barely enough to concede that it's not a complete consumer fraud. It's really an offense against the hobbyist (presuming that hobbyists might tolerate the wasted time to deal with junk like this) ; anyone else (with a professional interest or business stake) will not be using Linksys or will somehow have identified which Linksys products are industrial strength.

    I'm swearing off Linksys, not because they don't make any good products, but because you can't tell which ones are CR*P based on the model name. You have to read reams of web articles to figure out that hardware version X (v5 in the case of the WRT54GS) is a gutted shadow of what was a decent product in previous hardware versions.

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