Linksys WRT54GS or Netgear WGT624????

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by rayk, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. rayk

    rayk Network Guru Member

    Dear Forumners:

    I would appreaciate any input anyone can give. I live in a two story townhouse and have been trying to find the best wireless router. I have tried both the Linksys WRT54GS and the Netgear WGT624 v2. Both routers are the current hardware config and have the latest OEM firmware on them (2.07.1 and 4.1.11 respectively).

    The Linksys seems really solid with great free support for a year while the Netgear has dicey free support that expires after 3 months. Both units meet my simple functional needs for a home office handling sensitive client files - WPA encrpyption, MAC filtering, and NAT/SPI firewalls.

    The Linksys unfortunately has limited range and is slower than the Netgear. While the router location is upstairs in my home office, I often work wirelessly downstairs and will send large files to the printer for printing, as well as to clients via email. Thus, both range and throughput matter, along with the security features. The Linksys provides "low" signal strength while the Netgear provides "very good" signal strength indications. Throughput is both more certain and faster on the Netgear when downstairs than on the Linksys. I have been fortunate so far and have not suffered any of the disconnect problems often associated with the Netgear.

    I have tried the Linksys HGA7T antennas and have found no difference, no matter how much I have aimed and wagged the antennas. I still only get "low" when downstairs.

    My question is what should I do: live with the Netgear and keep my fingers crossed that all continues well, or download the HyperWRT 1.3 firmware for the Linksys. I don't need all of the sophisticated features of a package like Satori 4 by Sveasoft which in turn seems to reduce throughput, at least as documented in a thread on a Sveasoft forum. What I do need is fast throughput and range if I am going to use the WRT54GS. There is a post below from a fellow who tried HyperWRT 1.3 on his 54GS with HGA7Ts and found no improvement in throughput and range. I'm confused and seek your input on the best course to pursue.

    FYI, I have two Windows XP machines - a wired desktop and a laptop that I connect either wirelessly or in wired mode via a docking station. The laptop is a Dell Precision M60 running Dell's Truemobile 1450 802.11 a/b/g card (with the latest drivers).

    The desktop and docking station are connected into the ports on the back of my wireless router. The wireless router accesses the internet through a Zyxel DSL model/router supplied by the ISP Covad.

    The wireless router also has a network capable HP Color LaserJet printer plugged into it as well that is accessed by both computers.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Best regards,

  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    It's difficult to tell if HyperWRT will work for you. Depends on the Wireless Client Adapter and the place where your access point is located.

    I would say, just give it a try. If you don't like it you can always flash back to official Linksys :wink:
  3. rayk

    rayk Network Guru Member

    Thanks and I'll Give It a Try

    Avenger 20:

    Thanks for your response. I'll give it a try. Question: should I reflash the Linksys 2.07.1 in my WRT54GS with HyperWRT 1.3 or should I first reflash the 2.07.1 with Linksys 2.04.4 and then reflash that with HyperWRT 1.3?

    I understand to use a hard reset by depowering and restoring factory defaults and then reloading my particular settings.

    Best regards,

  4. JoshFink

    JoshFink Network Guru Member

    I'm thinking that it just might be your Dell 1450 Wireless card.

    I too just bought that card and am having all sorts of problems with signal strength.

    I get signal strength issues when I'm about 3 feet from my WAP54G AP, so I'm not sure why there would be any issues.

    After reading the Dell forums it seems that a lot of people have problems with the 1450 and Linksys gear.

    I'm thinking about trying a new router or maybe just another Access Point but I'm unsure about which ones to try. Still doing research.

    Let me know how to the Netgear works for you as if you get good signal strength I might switch over.

  5. Dowunda

    Dowunda Network Guru Member

    It might be the DELL wireless card!! Just make sure its firmware is up to date.

    But I have both routers too and it is 100% true that Netgear speed and range can not be beaten by WRT does not matter what you try.

    For me I got back to WRT because I only need short range but again when moving big files between computers it takes ages using WRT and it is nearly 4 X faster using Netgear.

    The bottom line"From my personal experience" Linksys WRT54GS's #1 for stability and robust connection; Netgear WGT624 V2 and V3 are #1 for single strength and speed.
  6. SirDracula

    SirDracula Network Guru Member

    I agree. I own both wireless routers and in my book both of them are stable. I have a v2 WGT624. Yes, I know there are plenty of reports that some of them reboot a lot, are unstable, etc. but that has not been my experience with it, maybe I was just lucky to get a stable one.

    The range and signal strength on the WGT624 is outstanding. The range and signal strength on the WRT54GS plain sucks even at 5-6 feet from the router even with the power boost firmware set to 42 mW. For example, I have a neighbor who seems to own a WGR614, I'm not sure exactly where his/her router is located but if I use my wireless client software and sort by signal strength, that one always comes on top even though the signal goes through at least one wall/floor, compared to my WRT54GS in the same room, 5-6 feet from the client.

    I tried everything for my WRT54GS, power boost firmware (both Alchemy and HyperWRT), more powerful antennae, all channels, etc. no matter what I do the signal from the WRT54GS sucks -- yeah, it's stable and good enough for my apartment, but it's nothing to brag about. I gave up on it, I think the Broadcom chipset simply SUCKS!

    Oh and I tried it different client cards: Senao (Prism) long range card, Atheros based card, Broadcom based card, they all yield the same results, so it's not the client.

    I keep the WRT54GS around just to mess with its Linux, more powerful firewall, etc. otherwise I don't see any reason to favor it over the WGT624 if all you want is a stable wireless router you set up and don't mess with.
  7. DrMooCow

    DrMooCow Guest

    I had the netgear wgt624 and ened up selling it because it kept on over heating. The unit had to be rma twice and it still over heated.

    I wouldn't go back to netgear.
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