Linksys WRT54GS w/ Intel 2915 ABG wireless connection issue

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ams4, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. ams4

    ams4 Network Guru Member

    Here is the problem I am having:

    I recently bought a new laptop and it came with an Intel 2915ABG wireless card. I am currently using a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router in my apartment. The router is probably only 15 ft from where I usually use my laptop. I have the latest firmware for the router and the latest drivers for the wireless card.

    While I am connected to my router my connection speed will unexpectedly drop from 54mbps to 24mbps(sometimes lower) and the connection will freeze(no activity) for 5-10 seconds. It will then start working again and go up to 54mbps. It will then continue to keep dropping the connection periodically, basically repeating what I just described above. I have tried changing the security settings, switching from WEP to WPA but it made no tangible difference. WPA seemed slightly better, but the problem still occurred. I have also tried increasing the "transmit power" on the Intel 2915 to the max and that does not make a difference either.

    I am almost positive that it is not an interference issue. I can have my other laptop, a Toshiba w/ an Atheros wireless card, side by side with my new laptop and the new laptop will keep having this connection problem while the Toshiba will keep a perfect connection. In fact, the Toshiba w/ the Atheros card has never ever given me any problems, always a rock solid connection.

    Does anyone else have this exact setup(Intel 2915ABG w/ Linksys WRT54GS) and have no problems at all? If yes, and other people have no problems with this same setup, is there a problem with my wireless card? The laptop manufacturer has offered to swap out the Intel card with a new Atheros ABG card, should I try this? Or is the Intel a better card?

    If the Intel is a better card and it is the router causing the problem should I just get a new router? Does anyone know of a router that will work flawlessly with the 2915ABG card? Or do I have a defective wireless card?

    I have looked all over the place concerning this issue but I am having trouble isolating the exact problem/solution(although I am thinking it is the router, I can't be sure because it works fine with my Toshiba). I desperately need some help from someone who knows about this stuff.

    Any and all help with this problem is greatly appreciated. I will be more than happy to post system information/settings if that will help determine my problem.

  2. ams4

    ams4 Network Guru Member

    No one has any ideas?

    No one else is using this combination of router/wireless card?

    Something wrong with my post?
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    The first poster in this long sad thread had an incompatability between the 54GS and an Intel 11g card

    But your comment that the Toshiba remains connected is fascinating - and maybe gives you a possible solution - the Atheros chipset will only establish a standard 11g connection - mayeb the intel card incorrectly tries to use the broadcom extensions?

    Have you tried transferring the uncompressed file referred to here

    between machines?

    By the way what version of the WRT54GS are you using?
  4. ams4

    ams4 Network Guru Member

    It is V1.0

    The thing is that one post you referenced isn't the problem I am having. It never says that it is completely disconnecting. The connection speed just drops to 24mbps usually and it freezes up temporarily then starts working 10 seconds later. I think it has something to do with Power Saving Polling that the 2915 ABG uses that the WRT54GS can't handle but I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this same problem and if they know of any solution or when Linksys is going to upgrade the firmware to make it compatible with Intel's power polling in their new cards.
  5. ams4

    ams4 Network Guru Member

    Thanks so much to everyone for giving me their insight. I know it must be really tough and tedious to give a quick response if you have an Intel 2915ABG WIC. I am sure not one person on this board is running that card.

    Sorry that my post wasn't up to your "standards", hopefully next time I'll be so lucky to be graced with a response.

    Maybe if I try real hard I will some day be so cool that I will ignore posts because they were written by a newbie on this forum.

    Sorry my topic wasn't up to the Linksysinfo "standards", I can only hope and pray that in the future I will be smart enough to post a topic worth responding to.

    Thanks again for all the help, you guys have been great.

    Keep up the good work!!
  6. colemac

    colemac Guest

    Does anyone have any fixes for this issue. I have a inspiron 6000 with a intel 2915abg wireless card. Connection drops for a split second.

    Does anyone have any info?

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