Linksys WRT54GS - wireless connection drops while using VPN

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tmaertin, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. tmaertin

    tmaertin Guest

    Please bear with me - as I am noob to Linksys.

    I just purchased a WRT54GS v7 router. I am having some issues staying connected wirelessly to my work VPN. The connection drops if i try to do anything else bandwidth intensive on my machine (ie. connected to my VPN and i downloaded a program, surfed an https site, ect). I connect through a Cisco VPN client v4.6.3.

    My wireless card is an Intel A/B/G 2200, so it only supports WEP or WPA. I have WPA/AES enabled and a 63 digit strong key. I also have MAC filtering enabled.

    I have upgraded the firmware to linksys v7.50.2, but the issue persists. i was reading up on this router and saw that maybe it wasnt the best choice compared to anything prior to v5. I was checking out dd-wrt and saw that you can only apply the micro version of their firmware to this router.

    I basically have 3 questions:
    1) would using dd-wrt micro cause me not to be able to use a VPN passthrough with this firmware?
    2) has anyone installed this on a v7 gt router - i noticed dd wrt hadnt certified anything yet?
    3) am i better off just taking it back and getting a different router (was thinking the WRT54G or a DLink WBR-2310? any better suggestions in the same price range?) i noticed the G router seems to have more flexibilty as far as 3rd party firmware goes

    Thank you for you help
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    your best bet is a WRT54GL and not the WRT54G. most 3rd party firmware use the G since it is based on the Broadcom chipset. however ddwrt firmware does support many other variants of wireless routers.
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