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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by njseq, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. njseq

    njseq Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    I'd like to know if you guys recomend buying the Linksys WRT54GX!

    Is this a good router compared to other models ?

    Is it worth having the SRX technology? This only works with SRX receivers or it works with all other non-SRX?



  2. Nalle

    Nalle Network Guru Member


    I would say that you only need the SRX router if you expect to get low reception from a regular router. Since the main thing with it is that it has longer range.

    And also, you can use regular 802.11b/g clients with the SRX router but you will loose a lot of the benefits with it.
  3. njseq

    njseq Network Guru Member

    So you think this is a good router if you have trouble in wireless transmition?

    I plan using it in a big house with many rooms and thick walls.

    Do you think it will work? I still have to use the SRX receivers?



  4. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Hi NJSEQ,

    Personally, I have made some very good experience with some of Linksys's routers, like the BEFSR11. I use it with a 16-port Linksys switch and the two of them work like a charme.

    However, the WRT54GXv2 has caused some problems for me and I am still trying to resolve them. As a matter of fact, it had several issues: :wallbang:
    1) DDNS was not working with firmware v2.00.08 and is still not working with the beta release v2.00.10
    2) Remote management was not working with firmware v2.00.08 - it is now working with beta v2.00.10 though.
    3) When I changed some settings on the WRT54GXv2 that initiated a reboot, the router would not automatically reconnect the PPTP connection. After hours of talking to useless level 1 support folks of Linksys, I finally got the router to reconnect automatically with the level 2 support guys by adjusting the default MTU from 'AUTO' to '1460'.
    4) My biggest issue is that I am not able to access the company's network when using a SafeNet SoftRemote 10.3.5 (Build 6) VPN connection. The software will connect from my Windows XP machine but then I can not access the corporate network nor can I ping them. When I swap the WRT54GXv2 box for a Linksys BEFSR11 router, the VPN software works without flaws even without changing anything on the computers' sides.

    My biggest problem with Linksys routers today is - at least that is my honest feeling - that Linksys throws those routers out of the factory faster than they are able to test them. :x Once a router is released, immediately thereafter a '...v2' of that same router pops up and a week later you will see some sort of ...'Xv2'.
    I much rather have a reliable Linksys router of v1 for 3-5 years that I can get a firmware fix if something does not work.

    :idea: At this point, let me tell you, I doubt that Linksys will come out with a firmware fix for the WRT54GXv2 because they now have the WRT54GX2 SRX200 and they will tell you to dispose of the older version. :argue:

    Sometimes I feel that not the routers are the issue but the name on it, if you know what I mean....
  5. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member


    I almost forgot to give you my 2 cents on your question: The SRX router definitely might help and although it works with any network cards, I suggest you use an SRX enabled card so that you will actually be able to transmit from the PC back to the router.

    With the WRT54GXv2 I had an issue where I could see the router from the PC with 2 lines of signal strength and 3 stories between the router and the PC with steel enforced concrete ceilings between them, however, I could not get from the PC back to the router.

    Hope that helps.

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