Linksys WRTSL54GS on Tomato Firmware v1.27.8747 ND USB: File Missing in Core Binaries

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Aquafire, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Aquafire

    Aquafire LI Guru Member


    I am trying to install the optware package by Lost_Animal from

    on Linksys WRTSL54GS with Tomato Firmware v1.27.8747 ND USB (teddy_bear).

    When I proceed ahead with the installation of optware as guided by the script mentioned ,

    I get the following error for missing files. I think the VPN version of tomato does contain all the binaries, I dont know why is this happening. I have tried searching for these files in the router by connecting through WinSCP, but they are not found , hence the installation of optware packages cannot continue.

    My version is :

    Following the message I get when running the script in puTTY for the missing binaries :

    Any idea what could be missing or how to make these binaries available in order to proceed with the installation.

    Maybe teddy_bear can add these binaries to the tomato firmware image file.

    Thanks for help.
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    My current K26 firmware has those tools - can't test as I don't have usb!

    Tomato v1.27.9047 MIPSR1-beta15 K26 USB Ext
    BusyBox v1.16.1 (2010-06-03 16:13:56 EDT) built-in shell (ash)
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
    root@wrt54g-tm:/tmp/home/root# which fdisk
    root@wrt54g-tm:/tmp/home/root# which mkswap
    and yes I still seem to have a rotten version working fine...
  3. Dagger

    Dagger Networkin' Nut Member

    I think those are available in the "Extras" package... I think I remember reading somewhere that the Extras were once included in the TomatoUSB/VPN package, but were taken out in the newest versions because of space limitations. Don't remember where I read it though...
  4. Aquafire

    Aquafire LI Guru Member

    So well I need both the VPN version as well as with these binaries which are included in the "Extras" package .

    For just a separate extras package download as mentioned on the website, I have download and unrared to find out that my requried files are not available in it.

    What can be the solution. Can I first load the firmware-ext package on the router, copy the required binaries to a temporary location, reload the VPN firmware image and then copy the binaries back to the folders.

    Can they work this way, which folder do they have to be copied, cause the write access is not given to the root user for system folder. Maybe /tmp/sbin can be writeable folder to copy these files. But to access these file I think that the PATH needs to be defined in the global path declaration.

    Any ideas.

  5. Aquafire

    Aquafire LI Guru Member

    Has anyone else noted this , or came across a similar issue when trying to install optware packages.

    Any remedy which can be recommended.

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