Linksys WVC210 Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Review

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Addicted to LI Member

    For those of you interested in a detailed review of the latest Linksys Wireless camera, we just posted our latest review on the newly released WVC210

    You can find the review at or by clicking here

    The review has some detailed info on how we stream video to our cell phone via RTSP and how we used some of the custom CGI commands to pan and tilt the camera from our cell too.
  2. roamerwifi

    roamerwifi Guest

    thanks for your review, very nice and the detail on the mobile video viewing on your cell phone is something I didnt realize these new Linksys cam's could do....

    Any idea what other phones work with this rtsp video stream? Did you only have to open port 554 TCP and that's it for this to work??
  3. Addicted to LI Member

    Port 554 and port 5000

    Hi Roamer, I had to open 2 ports, although I think it would probably still work as long as I open port 554 TCP only....

    In response to all the questions I've gotten on the RTSP streaming and how to make this work I did a youtube video on using your Linksys camera and RTSP to view mobile video on your cell phone

    You can see the Youtube videos we have done here on the Linksys cameras:
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