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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I am experimenting problems using linux on my dell latitude D600 laptop.
    Using windows, I can connect to every access point I met.
    Using linux I can't connect to my wrt54CG., but I can connect to others access point (at work for instance)
    Having a broadcom BCM4306 chipset, there is no linux driver which I can run. So i am using NDISWRAPPER and the dell constructor driver.
    I tried other driver without getting any success.
    My problem looks like the one describe in by s.frings. I contact him, but he hadnot found any satisfying solution.

    I can list access point around me, but I can't set the essid using
    iwconfig wlan0 essid myapessid
    there is no error messge reported in the terminal, but there is an error message in dmesg:
    Nov 27 21:30:48 localhost kernel: [4305221.496000] ndiswrapper (set_essid:61): setting essid failed (C00000BB)
    sometimes i get the same with getting instead of setting

    I try to upgrade my kernel and ndiswrapper without any success.

    does someody ever had the same problem ? Could he help me ?
    Does somebody else have any idea of what is happening ?
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    Anonymous Guest

    the problem is resolved.
    for people who find this topic searching the forum I'll explain my point of view of the problem.

    There was I think 2 problem:
    -the first one was that the firmware on the AP was quite old (1.02.09 while 1.04.05 is the lastest, i think).
    -the second seems to come from an error in the windows drivers. It seems that i have to manually forced the wifi card using the channel I set on the AP.
    the driver seems to be incapable of finding which channel to set.
    MS Windows do that automatically so the error was not present on this OS.

    i help this could help
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