LNE100TX labeled as EG1032 with gigabit enabled

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nvmyhemi, Aug 13, 2006.

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    :eek: Well I'm an IT Tech for a college campus and I just joined the forums and I'm looking for some help with a utility for flashing. So I recently went to Staples (yeah I know, staples) and purchased, two gigabit Linksys cards, identical cards, model number, EG1032 Version 3. When I opened the first package I was surprised to see a card, labeled as a LNE100TX Version 5.1 card, stamped from the factory in the sealed static bag, the box was sealed and never opened. This was puzzling to me! Maybe a mistake at the factory when loading the box. Now for those of you unfamiliar, the LNE100TX is a standard 10/100, $17.99 dollar, network card. The EG1032 is a 32bit, gigabit 10/100/1000 Ethernet card that costs around $35.00. So out of curiosity I opened the second box. I found a card identical, in parts, diodes, layout and design, in a taped static bag. When I looked at the card closely, there was a small green sticker covering the product description on the card. I carefully removed the sticker which said, 10/100/1000 Model No: EG1032 ver 3., to reveal the factory stamping 10/100 LNE100TX logo. So what they did was take LNE100TX cards, change the PCI face plate with one labled gigabit and put a sicker over the name plate, then flashed the hardware chip with newer firmware. Now this leads me to believe that the LNE100TX cards are capable of having their firmware flashed to the EG1032 firmware unlocking gigabite transmission rates, which makes sense on Cisco's part because its cheaper to flash cards then make new ones. So my question is (after all that crap) is there a software that will allow me to extract firmware from one network card, and flash it to another? Or allow me to backup the firmware from the EG1032 to analyze what is different between the cards. Why spend $35.00 on a card when I can spend half and flash the firmware right? Let me know, if anyone else has experienced linksys mislabeling, or misidentification or if you know of utilities or resources that would allow me to flash cards.

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    Well my card looks nothing like that pic of the link you sent me. It looks exactly like a LNE100TX card but it gives gigabit connection speeds. Any recomended benchmark utilities for my cards and routers?
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