Loading crt files and others from the JFFS folder?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by deltakid, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. deltakid

    deltakid Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello and thank you for the awesome custom firmware. I run the latest Toastman on an Asus RT-N16.

    Unfortunately I run into problems with running out of nvram so I copied the open vpn files to the JFFS folder.

    The files are the same config files I have used before in the regular Open Vpn client on my desktop. Can someone please tell me the next steps? It took me already 7 hours today to get my network setup like I want it to and because of the nvram problems I always have to set everything up from scratch because the router does not save settings when it is unplugged or rebooted.

    So please help me and tell me how I can make Tomato Open Vpn read those files in the JFFS folder?
  2. lancethepants

    lancethepants Network Guru Member

    You'll have to put some additional information in the 'Custom Configuration' section of the advanced tab.

    ca /jffs/ca.crt
    cert /jffs/server.crt
    key /jffs/server.key
    dh /jffs/dh1024.pem

    Something similar to this, with whatever the path and name they are currently stored as.
  3. deltakid

    deltakid Networkin' Nut Member

    Thank you very much. And then open vpn will know what it needs to know? Do I need any files besides the four files I use with the desktop open vpn client?
  4. lancethepants

    lancethepants Network Guru Member

    With those 4 files the server should have what it needs.
    The client requires you to have the ca.crt, a client crt (client.crt) and a client key (client.key). They can be named whatever you want, but the clients crt and key are specific to the client. This is the most popular setup.

  5. deltakid

    deltakid Networkin' Nut Member

    Yey it works! Thanks a lot! Mine was a bit different.

    ca hkca.crt
    cert hkclient.crt
    key hkclient.key
    tls-auth hkta.key 1
  6. kthaddock

    kthaddock Network Guru Member

    I put mine one my USB-memory. It's easyier to change usb-memory rather then jffs. There is limited read/write cycles.
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