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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heartsink, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. heartsink

    heartsink Guest

    Hello people!
    Please can anyone help me with this foxy problem.
    I have been happily using a WMP54G PCI network adapter v2 successfullly on Win XP home till recently when it started playing up with error message "cannot start hardware" and ceased functioning.
    I have tried usual solutions like uninstalling software, downloading latest drivers, taking card out and reinserting it, turning firewall off, disabling antivirus etc etc and am left with a most peculiar problem: I cannot reload the software.
    What happens on attempting to reload the software is I get a linksys bluescreen flash up, it then disappears after less than 1 second and will not run the exe program or load.
    I have seen this before eg when trying to load software on a machine on which you have no administrator rights, or when trying to load software that requires a dongle, but these explanations do not apply. It is as if the exe program is not allowed to run (yet other programs will load happily).
    If it is the card that is faulty why cannot i load the software fom the disc? it cannot be the disc as i have downloaded fresh drivers from the internet which behave in the same way.
    Please can anyone offer a suggestion or solution?
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