local browsing on WAG54G after firmware upgrade

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Atour, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Atour

    Atour Guest

    Hi to all linksys users

    Does anybody know how to browse the html interface in local for the linksys WAG54G , it upgrade the firmware from

    v1.01.7_0304_code to v1.02.9_04_code

    i 'm connected on internet ,but i cannot go anymore on the local administration interface .

    Before the upgrade it was and know !!!

    Thanks for you help
  2. 7ttman

    7ttman Network Guru Member

    use your network properties to determine the address of your gateway... it shouldn't have changed.... did you do a full reset after the upgrade?
  3. the_willy

    the_willy Guest

    The same problem

    I've the same problem.

    I've updated my wag54g v1 from 1.01.6 firmware version to 1.02.9_04.
    The upgrade finished ok, but I cannot browse the local administration interface and I cannot acces via telnet.
    My internet acces works fine and my local TCP configuration is the same.
    Is there any way to acces the web administration tool?

    Thanks in advance
  4. zjoske

    zjoske LI Guru Member

    :sad: unfortunately I have the same problem.

    I do not expext a reset would do? Might there be the risk that I can throw away my WAG54G after the reset?

    Anyone have an idea?

    I presume this firmware should be removed from the download area!


  5. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    Did you try a new upgrade with TFTP and 1.03.1 firmware ?
  6. zjoske

    zjoske LI Guru Member

    Bonjour HiSpeed

    Unfortunately tftp did not work as well. However I've pinpointed the problem :thumbdown: !!

    At first I did a reset and I was able to access my WAG54G again.
    Now I put on the latest firmware. After configuring I had the same
    effect. After some searching I found that the combination
    1) change the SSID, and
    2) change the SSID broadcast to disable
    do not go together!
    In the old version (I think I had 1.02 or something) it worked.

    Anyway, I left SSID to the default and broadcast os disabled and
    voila, the whole familty is surfing happily again

    Thanks for your reply.

    BTW, I rather like the tftp tool..... :thumb:
  7. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

  8. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

  9. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Thank you for your considered technical opinion :)
    I assume you concur?
    I'm looking at curing problems of a friend's WAG54G v1.2 dropping internet connection regularly and also even more frequently dropping wireless connectivity. I looked into this last September, but put it off. Then 1.03.0b4 was the latest available. Been looking into this again over the past few days and spotted your post which alerted me to this later version. Would you happen to have a link to some useful posts on the matter cos the search facility on this forum is shite. Searching for 1.03 or for that matter any number on this forum yields no results <sigh> That really is poor for a technical forum :(
  10. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

  11. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Ok will check that when I get home. Is this particular to the WAG54G v1.2 or is it just a general ADSL standard? If it falls below that point is the ISP at fault?

    Unfortunately my French is very poor :(
    I will upgrade to 1.03.1b1 and see if that can help cure the problems. The box is currently running 1.01.6 which is very old. I can work out some good settings from within the French :)
  12. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    It's a hidden script working very well with a WAG 1.2 + 1.03.1 but I don't know with your old firmware.
    1.03.1 is the best firmware I know.

    The noise margin gives the quality of the line between the modem and the DSLAM. This is not a ISP issue but a cable problem...

  13. earlneath

    earlneath LI Guru Member

    I'm interested in the graph - what page did you get that graph from? My ADSLCStatus.htm only shows the text part at the top.

    I have a 54G V2 running FW 1.0.22
  14. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    No graph with Wag v2 ! :sadbye:
  15. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Ok, I have upgraded to 1.03.1beta.
    There are worse problems with the internet link. I'm using it with Pipex in the UK which requires PPPoA.
    The ADSL line has never dropped, but the internet fails every so often, the internet light goes red. Then, from looking on the status page, I can see the box keeps trying to authenticate with Pipex. It pops up a box saying PPPoA authentication failed". Very rarely it will say "PPPoA LCP Negotiation Fail". If I keep clicking reconnect or I leave it to keep trying after 30secs, it will keep popping up the box until it eventually successfully PPP authenticates.
    No settings on the modem change to get it working and the ADSL link never drops during this time.
    Is there a problem with PPPoA in 1.03.1beta? It seems that it is now worse than before, in this regard.
    I think I will go back to 1.01.7 to try and stabilise the internet link. I actually thought the internet link was poor before with 1.01.6, but it was never this bad. I upgraded mainly to fix problems with wireless dropping out, but making the internet link less reliable is obviously worse.
    I would go back to 1.01.6, but I can't find anywhere to download it. From the firmware revision history it seems that 1.01.7 is pretty much the same anyway:

    Firmware version 1.01.7
    - Fixed Intel UPnP issue
    - Fixed port forwarding bug

    Firmware version 1.01.5
    - Updated Modem driver

    Firmware Version 1.01.4
    - Initial release

    Anyone else comment on which firmware they found the best for use in the UK?
  16. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    tbh using a beta firmware, you have to expect problems, betas are for test purposes only.
  17. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Yes, of course I know what beta means. However, that does not necissarily mean you will encounter any problems. A beta may even fix problems that existed in a previous proper release firmware. They surely bothered to code later versions of the software to fix problems right? Without knowing the specifics of how linksys test and rate their firmware it's difficult to say whether proper release 1.01.6 is any better or worse than 1.03.1beta1. Perhaps they actually tested 1.03.1beta1 more, but as it's for a no longer manufactured model, perhaps they didn't want to give it proper release status. Perhaps 1.01.6 was rushed to proper release status in time for a product release, without full testing.
    Afterall, if they fully tested these things then they would only ever release v1.0.
    As you know many people on these forums recommend the beta version over the proper releases.
    I was specifically asking for help on the matter of the differences between the firmwares and peoples experience. Do you have anything to offer?
  18. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    1.03.01 works fine with PPPoA in France...

    What is your noise margin ?
  19. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Not at home currently, but it was more then the 6dB that you mentioned earlier.
    Surely that is an ADSL criteria tho? There has never been any ADSL problem. The link has been continuously up since I performed the upgrade on Tuesday. The green ADSL light is always on and comes on pretty quickly after a reboot. The problem seems to lies deeper than that. The internet can be up for hours at a time and then suddenly disappear. Looking at the box I see the green ADSL light on and the internet light is red. The box is then in a loop continuously trying to PPP authenticate with pipex, until it eventually does. This can take 1-2hrs.
    I have contacted pipex and they have checked everything at their end. They say it must be a problem with the modem.
    It seems strange that this PPPoA authentication problem is only happening to me tho.
  20. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    OK, this is not a synchro issue but that remembers me something...
    I have to see in my forum...

    Is your MaxMTU automatic ?
    Did you test it with TCPOptimizer ?
    Are you set in "Keep Alive" or "Connect on demand" ?
  21. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    You're referring to the modem setting? If so, then yes.

    That's a windows tcp optimiser? If so, then the TCP settings are already optimised with TuneUp 2006.
    However, how can this affect the box dropping the internet connection? It's not like the internet light is green, but the client PCs still cannot access the net. The internet light is red, meaning that the modem has lost the net connection?

    Keep Alive - 30s

    It *should* be keeping the link up, but it's not. When it's lost the link it just cannot authenticate with pipex and so cannot get the net connection back up. Until a long period of time passes and suddenly it authenticates ok.
    Many thanks for all your help.
  22. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    TCP Optimizer checks your largest MTU online...

    I remembered... I lost my connection like you, it even was impossible to get it after "Connect" or a switch off/on...
    Il replaced "Connect on Demand" by "Keep Alive" to solve this issue.

    Since, I think there is a bug around this feature...

    Did you do a hard reset after upgrade ?
  23. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Yeah. Seemed to do everything right, but the modem doesn't think so :(
    I think I will try 1.02.7 and see how that is.
    Is 1.02.9 work trying. It's supposed to be for Australia, right, but should just require the VCI and VPI changing for the uk?
  24. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    1.02.7 works fine, I was using it before 1.03.1...

    1.02.9 is worse...

    Without success, ask Linksys for a RMA...
  25. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    I'll try 1.02.7 then. Is there anything in this thing I read about puttng the box on it's side to improve cooling. Can that really help?

    Actually I'm doing all this on behalf of a friend. Unfortunately even tho the box is only 12months old, they have lost the receipt :( I've already gone through the RMA process and have been sent a UPS waybill a couple of days ago. However, reading the conditions, they require a copy of the purchase recipt, without which they will reject the package. Doesn't seem much I can do about that :( Or is there? :)
    Merci pour tous :)
  26. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    In summer, mine works better with a fan on top...

    You're welcome !
    I wasted a lot of time with this damned product so if I can help...
  27. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Ok went back to 1.02.7. Exactly the same PPPoA authentication problems.
    Went back to 1.01.7 and all is fine, with authentication at least. Authenticates quickly 1st time every time.
    I'm sure the wireless etc. is still shite (not tested it yet), but at least the internet works ok now.
    Can you remember which of the port forwarding pages works properly with 1.01.7? Port triggering doesn't seem to save settings at all. Well it says it is and then the page reloads blank. I've put a port forward in the 1st line of port range forwarding and it works. However, I put another range (of 1 port) in the 2nd entry and it doesn't seem to be working.
    Thanks for all the help.
  28. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Only Port Range Forwarding works but probably with bugs too...

    I've never heard your PPPoA trouble.
    Do you use special characters ?
  29. gilden_man

    gilden_man Network Guru Member

    Ok got that working. Was an app that wasn't behaving. No bugs found... yet, in port range forwarding.

    Nope. Just lowercase. Strange, eh?
  30. tonj

    tonj Addicted to LI Member

    does anyone around here still have a copy of WAG54G_AnnexA_ETSI_v1.03.1_beta1_00_code.zip ? the link given above asks for a username and password which I don't know....
    I'd like to get my hands on this firmware and try it if anyone can help....
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