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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by xkoukos, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. xkoukos

    xkoukos LI Guru Member

    I hane a NSLU2 with Unslug 2.3 63

    I don't know too much with linux and the nslu2 too.

    My problem is...
    I connect one disk on port 1 and i format the disk.
    when the format is complete i reboot the system.

    After the reboot in the home page it showe me the free space an the totan mbs of my disk but when i try login with admin the nslu2 don't let me!

    When i format the disk on port1, i have conected on port 2 a flashdisk.
    Is this the problem?
    If i format again the disk, without connected anything else maybe it's all ok?

    Sorry for my english but i don't know the language very well.
  2. xkoukos

    xkoukos LI Guru Member

    I try to re-format the disk on port1 without connected the flash drive but it don't let me login again!
  3. xkoukos

    xkoukos LI Guru Member

    Plz help me!
  4. Abandonflip

    Abandonflip LI Guru Member

    It sounds as though the Slug is picking up the password from the hard drive, which is a password that is generated automatically and you will not know it.

    For the moment, try re-booting with the disks unplugged and see if you can log in properly then.

    If you can, read the "unslinging" instructions carefully and this might well tell you where you went wrong. It might be necessary to format the drive and unsling to it again, using the "no password" instruction.
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