Logon to Windows Domain thru RV042 and Quick VPN?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bmpp, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. bmpp

    bmpp LI Guru Member

    Is there any trick to logon to a Windows Server Domain thru VPN client (Quick VPN)? Any tutorials in Linksys web site that will point me to the right direction? I really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!:)
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Are you looking to "log in" to a server as if you were sitting there as opposed to just "accessing shares/resources" via remote? If that's the case then there's one of two ways I know of:

    1) Terminal Services (Microsoft) - It's built into windows server; the workstation version is called Remote Desktop, although it's now synonymous with microsoft servers and workstations.

    2) Radmin (www.famatech.com) - This is a third party remote management application that controls the entire remote session unlike terminal services, which allows multiple user sessions to run.

    The way to use these applications is to first connect to your network via vpn (i.e, quickvpn, pptp, or router-to-router); once you've done that, then you just initiate your application of choice. I put together a tutorial setting up a 2003 Microsoft VPN Server and I used the terminal service client (I actually prefer Radmin):


    You load TS from c:\windows\system32\client . I'll have to wait till I'm home to check for accuracy. Here's a link that will tell you how to load the TS client:



  3. bmpp

    bmpp LI Guru Member

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the info but this is not what I was asking. I can "remote desktop" into the host computer w/o any problem. Everything works fine.

    My question is: Is it possible to LOGON to a WINDOWS DOMAIN thru a QuickVPN connection? I mean, you logon to a windows domain when you start your computer. However, you can only start the QuickVPN AFTER you start your computer. Wouldn't it be nice if I can logon to a windows domain thru a QuickVPN? Then I dont have to configure all the laptops for all the client access!! :)

  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Hi ben (sorry about that..) :)

    I'm positive what you're asking is making sense to you but I'm still not following exactly what you're trying to do *shrug*

    Let me check with some of the other guys to see if they understand your request...

  5. OpticalMan

    OpticalMan LI Guru Member

    You mean if it's possible to connect with QuickVPN before logging into a windows domain at the windows bootup loggin prompt. No, it's not possible as far as I know if it can be hacked. I do know what you mean though since it's possible with some other VPN clients. I have used the Cisco VPN client that allows for a setting to enable connecting prior to loggin in. But that client isn't compatible with the RV0xx. Check into other clients out there. I don't remember if Greenbow has this feature or not.

    Hey, even re-authenticating to the domain using a cached crudential has problems with QuickVPN and XP sp2. Win2k works fine doing this.
  6. bmpp

    bmpp LI Guru Member

    Hi OM,

    You are right on! I want to establish a connection between client(s) and server before logging on to domain.

    Besides Greenbow, what other VPN clients would you recommend?

  7. OpticalMan

    OpticalMan LI Guru Member

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