logviewer for WRTP54G?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Beeker, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Beeker

    Beeker Network Guru Member

    Would someone please direct me to a logviewer that works with WRTP54G? The help screen points you to the linksys site for download (also states it is on installation cd, but I didn't see it). I downloaded the logviewer but couldn't get it to work. I can't find how you point it to the log location (either on the router or the IP you have directed it to in the log settings.)

    Linksys phone support was no help. They said their was only one logviewer program and it hadn't yet been tested with the WRTP54G. Is this a beta system? I can't believe the logs would be any different in format than other Linksys products. And why wouldn't this have been tested? Surely someone at Linksys viewed one of the logs before they let this thing out the door!! Perhaps phone support made something up to "close" another case without escalating to level 2.
  2. tscraps

    tscraps Network Guru Member

    Try this....


    Point the output of your log to the IP address of the box where you install the log viewer. This seemed to work pretty well for me.

    Good luck!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The firmware versions issued by Linksys for wrt54g can't send the output of the router's log to any log viewer.

    You'll have to either use 3rd party firmware that supports log viewers, or ask linksys to add the feature in their next firmware release.

    I haven't found any hacked firmware that supports log output to a program, at least for free.

    I found the logviewer program in the CD, but can't help to wonder why would somenone in their right mind give you a CD with an usupported program, and don't even bother to let you know it won't work. Prhaps they've been planning to add the feature for the last 3 years, hehehe.
  4. Beeker

    Beeker Network Guru Member

    Users Manual does not match reality.

    Well that stinks.

    The manual and online help all indicate you can view the log and direct it to your pc.

    Based on your information, the manual does not match reality.

    Or rather... the product was released with planned features not built/enabled.

    (Not quite worthy of the Linksys name.)
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