Looking At WRT54GL Potentially For Stability

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by anselhelm, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. anselhelm

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    Hello all

    Having discovered these forums after getting my WAP325N-UK and having daily issues with stability (aka, crashing), it seems like my only real recourse is to move to a good router with an external ADSL modem. I've been looking at the WRT54GL as it seems to be one which I can definitely flash with DD-WRT or similar to improve stability further and hopefully stop the daily router crashes I'm coming to loathe increasingly.

    Considering I have no real requirement for MIMO or Draft-N compatibility other than future proofing and would really like a stable router, I'd like some views here based on people's experiences.

    1) Is the router as good as the reviews seem to suggest, with or without modified firmware?
    2) If I were to get such a router, would it be recommended to get any specific external ADSL modem along with it, such as a Linksys AM200?

    I've seen good reviews from bother on broadbandbuyer, but I'd like to make sure I make the right choice before committing myself this time. I didn't make a good choice in the WAG325N (albeit this was before I even knew there was 3rd party firmware for routers though!) so I'm being a fraction more cautious now.

    Thanks in advance
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