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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Kevin21, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Kevin21

    Kevin21 LI Guru Member

    First off I'll say that we have two routers, Linksys WRT54G v6 and Linksys WRT54GS v2. The version WRT54GS has been the main router we have used. It has multilpe wireless and wired connections to it. We recently bought the WRT54G v6. The problem we have is that would would like to move our laser printer away from the main router. However, the printer does not have the capability to connect wirelessly. The goal we have is to the use the new router to enable us to locate the printer anywhere in the office we like. Essentially, to have the new router serve as a print server would be fine. I realize we could just buy a print server, but it seems we would have to buy an expensive one from Brother to ensure capatibility with our printer.

    The two options I've discovered for doing this are:

    1. Flashing the new router with a version of linux and following a tutorial to set-up the new router to serve as a wireless ethernet bridge.
    Heres the tutorial I refer to:

    -Only have to flash one router with new firmware

    -Tutorial and firmware seems outdated
    -Apparantly have to run a command every time the router loses power (something important is stored in non-volatile memory?)
    -Wireless connections seem to be disabled to the new router so it does not have the added benefit of expanding our wireless network

    2. Flashing both routers with DD-WRT and setting up a WDS network

    -Still can use wireless capability on both routers
    -Seems like there are good tutorials for following

    -Slows network
    -Have to do a risky flash twice

    The second option seemed to me to the best. I tried it and ended up bricking a router even though I followed the instructions to the letter.

    Sorry if something above doesn't make sense - I'm frustrated and tired from working on this issue all day. If anyone know any way to set-up a WDS network having to flash DD-WRT at all that would be ideal. But I'm not sure this is feasible...

    Thanks for any help + suggestions
  2. manshack_one

    manshack_one LI Guru Member

    When you bricked the router, what was it's symptoms? Were there any lights on the front?
  3. Kevin21

    Kevin21 LI Guru Member

    All ethernet port lights on
    Internet light on
    Power light on - blinks occasionally

    When I attempt to connect an ethernet cable to it windows acts like the cable is disconnected.

    Its weird, because it was running DD-WRT fine for a few hours and then all the sudden it freaked out
  4. manshack_one

    manshack_one LI Guru Member

    Just a guess but did you jump the tx wattage up to 250mw or something and maybe it burned up? And I know it sounds stupid, but, did you try a different cable?

    If you turned off the dhcp on it did you go back and set the NIC to static ip on the same subnet? Might be that jumpering some internal pins might be the only thing to get it started again so you can reload dd-wrt. These are all just standard checklist troubleshooting stuff.
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Which router is bricked? The V6? The tutorial you refer to does not work for the V6 => http://www.bitsum.com/openwiking/owbase/ow.asp?WRT54G5_CFE

    You could try the pin-shorting also mentioned in the link, or the JTAG. (Never tried any myself).

    If you get it working again, I'd suggest that you setup the router connected to the printer - via ethernet cable I assume - as a client-bridge, and the other one just as a normal access point. This way, you don't have to fiddle with WDS, etc.
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