Looking for signs of life for Bridge with Tomato

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by colorman, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    On a new WRT54GL I flashed the newest Tomato firmware and I want to run it as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. I haven't gotten any indication that any step in the configuration (see below) is either correct or incorrect so I'm wondering where to start.

    Primary Router :
    Secondary (tomato):

    Secondary in Wireless bridge mode.
    - I put in the SSID of the primary router and the right channel
    - I put in WPA encryption and the right passcode
    - I did not really know whether to go for AES or PSK or both but I tried all three
    - I do not really know what to fill in for default gateway and dns, but I have tried, I have tried leaving them blank and I have tried using the same settings as in the primary router.

    After clicking save settings there is no indication whether or not this was successful. It does not say "connected" or "connection failed". How am I supposed to know whether it worked?
    (I think I saw a dd-wrt tutorial somewhere where you had to join the network in the the "site survey" page. Is there a step like this in Tomato?)

    The Secondary Router is not able to ping anything (including the primary router).

    Any tips where to start? I have read about 30/30/30 resets and resets with "the cable" attached to the primary router (how? Lan or Wan port?) Please help.

    best regards,
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