Looking for something better than WAG200G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ZinG, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. ZinG

    ZinG LI Guru Member

    I have a small office in my house, but sometimes i need to work in different rooms and that's where my problem is.
    I am looking for a wireless modem router that can do faster transfer between machines. The WAG200G I tried has been stable in terms of connection but transfer rate is very slow. I had WRT54G that works great for transfer but i need one that combine modem and router in one. I work on G network.

    Anyone has suggestion?
    So far I am hearing WAG54G or WAG54GS are an option but I don't know if they are stable or can transfer data faster between machines!

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    My experience is G is G is G. Doesnt really matter what brand you put on it, wireless speed is wireless speed. I have used several different super G models (108 vs 54) and cant say i really noticed any internal transfer speed difference. Agreed there is quite a difference between B and G but anything that i had noticed between any current G standard was nothing to write home about. I have know idea about the N stardard someone perhaps can say something about that. But at least for me the fastest always by far has been wired connections.
  3. glaciuspts

    glaciuspts LI Guru Member


    Perfect, my experience namely says that if I to use for example a WRT300N with an adapter of norm N the speed can reach until 108Mbps that is gives one improved, you also can use the WRT54GS with speed to booster consideravelmente increasing the reach of its net wireless. I obtained to answer the doubt any doubt informs to me. Gláucio has support technician linksys Brazil

  4. ZinG

    ZinG LI Guru Member

    The only setback i am experiencing with WAG200G is the transfer rate, pretty slow between my pc and laptop compared to when I used to use WRT54G.
    For a 500MB file i have to wait double the time.
    Could it be because it has 1 antenna instead of 2? Or maybe because it has modem integrated? That's what I am trying to figure out.
    Would WAG54GS work as fast as WRT54G when transfering files?
  5. glaciuspts

    glaciuspts LI Guru Member

    Wag54gs Wag200g Wrt54g Wrt54gs

    The function of the antennas does not compromise however what it happens it is that the WAG200G is a Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway only a modem wireless not commercialized in Brazil, the WAG54GS with speed to booster works faster of what the WRT54G however to improve still more you can acquire the WRT54GS with speedbooster you can yourself be used in set with the WAG54GS ,,
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